Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Link Up

I've read some great articles of late.  In case you're looking for a little short but compelling reading, link up.

An older article by Erik Metaxas entitled Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.  Have I mentioned that they teach the Big Bang here beginning in kindergarten? And not as a theory. We deal with this issue a lot, both on the street and in our own house. I found this article very helpful and compelling.

Again, it's an older article. Sometimes it takes me a while.  One of my favorite wisdom-speakers is Jen Wilkin.  (Side Note: I'm planning to jump on the bandwagon and do her new study on Genesis this summer while the banshees run free, entitled In The Beginning.  Starting in June, the teaching portion videos are free online here. ) Her article entitled "More Pressing Than Women Teachers" is really worth a read, and some serious thought.

If you just put one podcast in your earbuds this summer, let it be this one.  Entitled "We Shall Overcome" by Charlie Dates, it is a message on racial harmony that was given at the MLK 50 Conference in Memphis. I listened with tears streaming down my face.  It was scalding and appropriate.  I turned it off and didn't particularly want to finish it.  But I did.  Please listen.  The church needs to hear this from our brother.

Link up! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


1. The boys are going through a dental floss phase.  I found a book shelf that was tied up with floss.  Sometimes they put trip wires across doorways and run zip lines for their toys from the bunk bed.

I announced a formal dental floss ban this week.  No more divergent usage of dental floss in the house.

2.  My feet are still broken. He tried a different treatment this week that included pressing my foot in various places and watching my face to determine how badly it hurt. Then, he honed in on the place where it hurt the worse, and sent shock waves through it. He said I should be better in a month.

But I think I heard that last month. So I've started regularly praying for my feet.  I probably should have done that earlier.

3. In case you're wondering how to pack a family up for six months, I haven't started yet.  I can't bear the chaos of packing for any more than a week. My strategy is to wait until a couple days before, and then ride on the wave of pressure all the way to the airport.

I have officially organized all my closets.  There are still a few stray drawers that need an overhaul. But there's nothing toxic in them, as far as I know.

I'm planning to let those go.

Monday, June 18, 2018

A castle of humans

The "Castelleres"  are a fascinating, old Catalan tradition.  In 2010, UNESCO honored them among the "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity."

Today, I saw my first castell.

I agree.  It was a masterpiece.  And full of beautifully intangible culture.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

This year, David's parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage.  My parents are just passed their 40th year.  Our dads have been in our lives since we were born and they are present in our lives still.   Supporting us, encouraging us, and actively involving themselves in our education, decisions and character formation.

This year, in particular, we've become more acutely aware of what an impact that's made on our lives.  We've grown in friendship with some guys who didn't have that kind of family structure growing up.  And they find our home a curiosity.  A beautiful curiosity.  A beauty we've often taken for granted.  

We're very aware that our parenting has been profoundly shaped by our parents.  And, in so many ways, we're grateful for their steadfast, loving presence in our lives.  

Then there's David.  The father I get to watch on a daily basis.  The man that my little boys call "Dad." He has so many qualities that I hope take root in their lives.  He is intentional in imparting wisdom to them, patient in ways I'll never understand (because I'm not-so-much:), full of fun and laughter and a lot of wrestling, and consistently present in their daily lives while still demonstrating hard work and commitment to his job.

We gave him breakfast in bed today.  Because, let's be honest, every other morning, he's the first one up! 

Happy Father's Day, to all the men in our life! 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Silas's Kindergarten Graduation

This little cutie had his kindergarten graduation this week.  He's on his way to "primeria" next year, and he couldn't be happier! God was so gracious to provide spots for us at this school, in this season.  It has been a great fit, and we're full of gratitude.  

This kid has perseverance, fortitude, kindness, creativity and curiosity pouring out of him. It is such a privilege to watch him becoming the person he was born to be. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

In Bloom

In every city we've lived in, I've developed a particular love for a different tree.  It's like a mark that I've settled into the seasons of our home. It's a way my heart takes root in a place.

In Memphis, it will always be the Dogwoods that bloom in my mother's drive.  In Louisville, it was the brilliant white blooms of the Pear tree through my office window. In South Asia, it was the florescent orange buds of the Gulmohar tree that blazed in the heat of mid-summer. They made the trees look like they were on fire.

Today I found the tree I'll wait for every year in Spain. I believe it's called the Jacaranda tree.  Showy and startling, like they were just meant to bloom alongside Gaudi's work.  I'll be surprised if these buds make it through the rains tonight. But for a couple of days at least, they're in full glory.

The earth is telling the glory of God.  Sometimes it shouts.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

La Guitarra

Jude's class had their end of the year concert this week.  I love that they have mandatory introduction to instruments here.  They did a great job, complete with a bow at the end of each piece!

Thus marks the end of Jude's classical guitar training. For the next two years, the conservatory introduces them to the flute. He's already asked us to purchase him a "flauta" so he can practice at home. Nope. That's a no. Pretty sure our neighbors hear us enough already. 

But we'll look forward to next year's concert! 

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Weekend Review

We hung in the hood most of the time this weekend, playing Go Fish in the park, climbing trees and hanging in the street for the annual Modernism Festival. They put the candy booth right outside our door again. The temptation was too much. 

Now we're charging through these last few weeks of school.  One month from today, if God wills, we'll be planting our feet on American soil.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

1. Today I walked out of our building and crossed an intersection before discovering that my skirt was tucked into my underwear.  It was a real moment for me.  Thankfully, I had not greeted any of my neighbors on the way out of the building.

2. It rained this morning on the way to school, and my very helpful scooter hydroplaned on the sidewalk. Asher thought it was pretty great.  I walked the scooter home. I will say, as helpful as that scooter is, it's definitely a humbling thing to rattle down the sidewalk.  My feet have no casts upon them, I can walk normally when I disembark.  I look like a healthy, strong lass....who's choosing to rattle down the sidewalk on a seated scooty while my children frolic behind me.  Sometimes we're taught humility in very strange ways.

3. My feet are much better. They no longer hurt when I am sitting down.  This is major progress. They still hurt when I walk.  This is too bad.  It is really hard for me to stop walking.

I am going stir crazy, even with my trusty scooter.  Spring has sprung and all the mountains behind the city are beckoning me to come.  They want me to hike them.  Recovering from these fractures has required more discipline of me than anything I've done in a long while.

4. Jude had his "futbol" exhibition this week. The classes here are privately held in the school, so we haven't actually ever seen him play since he began in September.  We were so impressed by his fancy footwork and loved watching him interact with his team! The boys have both grown tremendously this year in their ability to interact easily in Catalan, and consequently have developed deeper friendships. All the flurry of the end of school feels like a celebration of a year of marked growth.

5. Asher is all pizazz.  He's got personality. Here's a little taste of his hilarity these days.

Happy Wednesday to you! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The scooter

Look what arrived this weekend? We took it for a family drive on the passeig on Sunday afternoon.  It's a hit with everyone, especially since our ride ended in gelato. And as long as you're on a smooth surface, it handles like a dream.  

But most of the time, I'm not really on smooth surfaces.  

The sidewalks here are decorative tiles, so it's a little like driving a jackhammer.  I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been horseback riding. You get what you pay for:) There's a reason most of these scooters are 2-3x more.  

My feet feel great though! 

I probably covered three miles today, and my feet hardly walked at all. Worth a few bumps!