Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Steam Engine for William and Robert

This weekend I went for an early morning jog on Saturday. I am a creature of habit, so I usually take the same route. Saturday morning was no exception. I headed down Frankfort Avenue, past the coffee shops and boutiques that never seem to grow old. However, from the first few moments, my attention was distracted by the random groups gathering at intersections on the other side...where the train tracks run. My curiosity got the better of me and I sprinted across the street to find out what they were waiting for...and found the group to be mainly older men with large cameras. An old fashioned steam engine was scheduled to come down the tracks. They had gathered to watch its journey. Glad to know what was going on and slightly entertained by their enthusiasm, I continued on my route...which parallels the train tracks. A few minutes later I heard a train whistle. I saw it heading toward us and watched with anticipation. I was disappointed. It sure looked like a regular train to me. I couldnt imagine why they had come out so early on a Saturday for that sight. After it had passed and the groups continued to wait, I inquired again. This group of would-be-engineers found it very amusing that I was confused by the first train. I don't know a lot about trains, I explained, but I thought a steam engine would be more interesting than that! They chuckled. That was a regular old train. The steam engine was on it's way...and I would surely know when it arrived. Thinking of our nephews, William and Robert - who lOve trains, I jogged the rest of the way to our house and sent David to take a few pictures in their honor. As much as I laughed at those old men and their cameras...I did indeed send my husband to join them!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Six Flags

David and I decided to enjoy the nearness of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom this year so we bought season passes along with David's sister Lisa. Friday night we took the inaugural ride. After which, David, Lisa and I concluded that we are getting old. By Saturday, when Bear and Amanda arrived, we seemed to have our equilibrium back and enjoyed the jostling of the roller coasters a bit more. Truth be known, one of our favorites will probably end up being the Ferris Wheel.

Visitors from Memphis

This weekend Bear(ok, his real name is Bill) and Amanda Cline came up for a visit. It was great to spend time with friends who have known us for...a long time! Amanda and I have been friends since my awkward, rebellious 6th grade year at Ridgeway Elementary School when I used to ask her frequently if I could cheat off of her paper. Amanda tried her best in those days to be a positive influence on me...though my single minded goal that year was to terrorize our teacher, Mrs. Foster. Once I refused to stand in the bathroom line with the rest of the girls from our class, claiming it was discrimination. My cohort in those days was a freckle faced red headed boy named David Sink. He stood in the girl's line. Unfortunately, as we were defending our rights, the Principal of the school rounded the corner. An unpleasant scene ensued. Thankfully, both my maturity and my integrity have progressed, by the grace of God, since that time. All that to say, Amanda and I have weathered a lot of seasons together. Perhaps it is because she has been in my life for so long that her presence always seems to remind me of the faithfulness of our God to continue the good work that He began in us.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My small world in Louisville seems to be overrun with animals! We have a raccoon living in our chimney. Apparently, it's a great place to raise a family. Sunday night we had finished dinner and were playing Rummikub on the porch with some friends...and we saw the mother raccoon running along the side of the house with a baby in her teeth! At first we were unsure what exactly was making all the racket but this was the second occasion we've seen this critter in the vicinity. It's all been very disturbing to our household. David hears them scuffling about during his quiet time and has become fairly consumed for brief periods of time with finding out a way to trap them, run them off, smoke bomb them, climb out of the rickety 3rd floor apartment to catch them,'s a whole new David. My mom wrote me emails about the danger of raccoons dying in a chimney and pro offered a list of people she knows who have been personally effected by such a tragedy. My suggestion was to play loud rock music in front of the chimney all day while we are at work. Eventually, they would be so annoyed by the sound, they would leave of their own accord and find another homestead more welcoming to their sort. We are not sure that our downstairs neighbors would like this solution.

Raccoons are not our only 'friends.' This morning when I walked out to my car I found a baby bunny waiting for my arrival. I was so distressed that I might hit him, that it cost me a good few minutes in the driveway. This is precious time when you are always late! However I did not really mind for bunnies are an intrigue to me. I never noticed them too much in Memphis...but they are everywhere here! I think they are adorable and often try to befriend them. This has not been successful yet...though it has been rather amusing for David who understands my intrigue about as much as I understand his raccoon induced behavior.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Starting Somewhere

The blog begins. Life in Louisville has widened the gap for me between some of those dearest to our hearts...and another effort to bridge what time and distance generally erode, I am beginning a blog. It's another 'networked connectivity' that I seriously doubted I would ever join...but here I am... posting my first blog.

Laurin Boeving is primarily responsible for this newfound interest. She came to Louisville a few weekends ago for a visit. We made homemade bread for the duration of the weekend...David and I acted as near salesmen for Breadman...and when it was all over, the Boevings bought a breadmaker. She tried the entire weekend to convince me of two things : 1. I would love blogging. 2. The large closet in our den would make a suitable bedroom for a little baby. The second proposition seemed a little bit of stretch...but on the first, though I've resisted longer than the Boevings did the Breadman, a blog seems inevitable.

Life is full of the daily details that recount to us moment after moment the faithfulness of God. I see it in other people's lives....and long for it to be reflected in the Dawkins realm as well. He is faithful to us day after day, in the tiny details and the grand scheme of things. He is on everypage of our narrative. This is just another outlet to tell that story.