Monday, June 30, 2008


Friday night when we drove through the familiar Tennessee countryside, I felt my homesickness for our state waking up from a sleep. I was so glad to be home. Last night when we drove past the sign for the Metro City Limits of Louisville, I felt glad to be home. I missed my little abode with it's yellow kitchen and quiet spaces. This was the first time I'd felt that emotion in regards to Louisville and it was a little bitter sweet. We left behind adorable nephews and a niece, parents who are ever kind to us, siblings with whom we share stories at which no one else can laugh as heartily, and friends who have known us long enough to nearly qualify as blood relation. I think perhaps the pull for me is that life is simply full. For a long time now, I've been abundantly aware that it is likely I will never be settled much in any one spot. The vagabondish-ness of my early 20s looks different now, but it is still there. Aliens and strangers. Pilgrim travellers. By God's grace, i am learning that relationships are not always bound to a place. And the deeper connectivity of prayer that transcends distance. That is bringing a settledness I didn't know in former years. I am thankful.

As for the details of the trip. Perhaps this video of David "going faster" with little Sam on my mom's exercise bike could sum it up. Each time David would stop, Sam would turn around and say "Let's go faster!" We had a lot of fun. We are a bit tired now.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Little Sentiment

The Lovely Moms Dawkins and Robertson

This weekend David and I are making the 6 hour trek to Memphis! While there we will be spending with our beautiful moms....our handsome dads....our brothers, sisters and an ever growing number of nieces and nephews. I am particularly excited about celebrating my mom's birthday...which was Wednesday. This has spawned a rush of sentimental tributes to my mom over the past week...which I will spare readers...instead let me share a few humorous stories from the Robertson household when I was growing up. When we were children and my dad was out of town our favorite game was for her to turn off all the lights in the mom would then begin her maniacal laugh which scared us silly...she would then chase us all over the house. I felt certain the entire time that if she caught me it would undoubtedly be the end of my life. This was a very logical thought process on my part, right? Once when I was twelve...and in Junior High.... my mom waited until I was fully dressed for Sunday morning church and then, right before we left, put my 7 year old sister in a matching dress. Of course, Brian Pearson saw me in the sanctuary and ridiculed me relentlessly. My mom assured me that there was nothing wrong with matching my sister. My mom has decorations for EVERY holiday. I'm talking hearts in the kitchen window on Valentine's. On St. Patrick's Day she once fed us green pancakes. These are milder holidays. Our house was a child's fantasy on Christmas morning. Ok, Ok. I think you may be begging mercy.

Seriously, my mom is the most talented, creative woman I know. Even after 28 years as her daughter, I continue to be amazed at stories she tells from pre-me and things that she does now. She is a treasure to me and she has truly poured her life out for me. There's a bit of sentiment for you. It couldn't be avoided. I love her too much:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Machete Man

Yesterday I arrived home from work and found David out in the front yard hacking away at a fallen tree limb with his Peruvian machete. He went camping on Saturday night with some guys from our church. Ever since his return, he's been talking about how great it was to use his machete, build a fire and do manly things. I think he misses the jungle in Peru. I went for a walk and when I returned he was still wielding the machete...attacking the overgrowth on the back fence (he was, of course, doing this so that his wife can get in the car more easily. always a gentleman...even in marriage:). After hours safely maneuvering a blade over a foot long....ok, it did cross my mind that if someone saw him walking around with that machete the police might show up at our house....he came inside so that we could get ready to go to our friend Kim's apartment and eat a delicious home cooked Thai dinner (thanks, Kim!!!). I needed a bit of help putting the dessert on another he took up the knife to help me. In the process...the knife slipped and he nearly cut his finger off! He had to hold it 'above his heart' the rest of the night to stop the bleeding...including at the dinner table! This was all very ironic to me considering he did not injure himself at all after hours with the machete. My conclusion? David, stateside or not, remains a bit of a jungle man.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rebekah Ray

This weekend Rebekah Ray came for a visit. Those of you who have been around me longer than about 5 minutes have likely heard some ridiculous anecdote related to nearly any topic...revolving around Rebekah....whom I affectionately refer to as "Brek." My college roomate for four years, she knows just about everything there is to know about me. She knows my weaknesses, my sense of humor, my random and at times unpredictable 'style,' flaws and sparkles, beauty and ashes...she's passed through a lot of seasons with me. The result is a true friendship...and an ease in her presence that is a treasure. It is a plus that we like to do the same things: watch action films, imitate Mr. Collins on Pride and Prejudice (Rebekah always says that her dream role would be to play the frumpy middle Bennet Sister - Mary. Please note we only advocate the BBC version of this fine book), stalk travel websites for deals, hike random trails, observe people in public places, attempt crafty endeavors (our most recent co-project was over Christmas when Brek got a book on creating Sock Creatures), laugh at my husband's corny jokes, leave lengthy voice mail messages detailing random daily events such as the man who leaves things on the bridge in Reb's neighborhood, and perhaps our favorite past time: SCRABBLE CARDS!!! I will detail this game in an upcoming post. It may change your life.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Lettuce Club

This summer David and I decided to join a co-op program. We get a half bushel of veggies each week from May to Thanksgiving. A local farmer delivers the crop of the week to our door each Thursday evening. For the past few weeks, it's been lettuce...and the many variations therein. We've become fans of grilled chicken on a large bed of green for dinner. This fun, experimental adventure is shared with our friends Nate and Jenni. We split our 1/2 bushel with them...lest we turn green ourselves from some sort of lettuce overdose.

The Rules of the Lettuce Club

Last night I walked into the kitchen to find my meticulous husband carefully washing the contents of our we-eat-wholefood box and laying each piece of lettuce out to dry. Nate, a fount of random useful facts and information, told David that their lettuce was crispier longer last week because he placed it in a container separated by paper towels.

The Difference in Club Members

While I might have found this lettuce crisping tip interesting, it would not likely have prompted me to spend 30 minutes washing, drying and 'coddling' lettuce as it did my meticulous husband. Perhaps one day I will post pictures of David's clothing drawers and my drawers. His clothes are neatly folded and color coded. Mine are sorted by broad category and always need to be ironed. In such a light, the lettuce makes perfect sense. The great part of it for me is this: without any effort on my part, I'll be eating crispy lettuce all week.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Peek into the Dawkins House

David and I love our apartment in Louisville. We live on the second floor of a house that...if my estimates are about 100 years young. It is 3 doors down from Seminary the eclectic Crescent Hill area of the city. We could not have asked for a more perfectly quirky dwelling! I've been hoping to post of few pictures of it's little details for a while now. are a few of my favorite details!

Recipe Box

One of my abSoluTe favorite gifts from our wedding was this adorable recipe box from Carley Marrett. Maybe it's simply because I continue to be delighted day after day that my intials are now LRD!!! favorite part of the day is dinner with my husband!

Kind Gifts

When I went to all those kind bridal showers the ladies in our church gave I had nO idea how much blessed I would be by their gifts. The lamp in this picture was given to us by one such group of ladies. I felt grateful at the time for their generosity. Now...several months later...I simply feel overwhelmed at the kind and abundant provision of God for us in every detail. We love our home. And when we look around, we cannot help but think of the community that has loved us and blessed us in ways we can never ever repay!


My favorite curtains! I bought them before our move...or the realization that old houses have tALL I had to do a little extension work. Yes. I've become domestic enough to own my very own sewing machine! The rest of the curtains in our house are made from bed sheets!

A Window to Southern Seminary

The central conversation piece of our dining room has become this old window which I salvaged from construction workers on the Seminary campus one afternoon. It was intended for destruction but now this antique window that once dwelt in Norton Hall rests in our dining room. The plaster walls were not sturdy enough for us to hang it so we put it on the credenza that Mrs. Dawkins graciously lent us. We knew that our floors sloped in toward the middle of the house but did not realize just how much until the arrival of this window. We had to put a 2 inch block of wood under the credenza to even it out! Nonetheless, we love our historic window! It is a very stylish reminder to us of the rich heritage from which we are learning at Southern Seminary!

The Great Outdoors

I found the material for our bedroom pillows at the outdoor fabric section. Thus, not only are our pillows perfect in our green and brown bedroom and on our thumb-tacked chair...they are suitable for the elements as well.

100 Year Old Dirt?

Everything in a 100 year old house can't be as clean as I might like for

it to be. In the case of our claw foot bathtub, this means carpet underneath the little claws that is possibly half as old as the house....and at least as old as me! My remedy? I made little covers. The dirt is still there. But I don't have to see it!

Our Yellow Kitchen

My parents' farm house has a yellow kitchen. For years I've wanted a yellow kitchen. Before we moved, our kind landlord painted the kitchen yellow at my request. It is the happiest place for me in the morning!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Brashers

This weekend we were able to spend some time with the Brasher Family in Louisville. They made the 5.5 hour trek from Adamsville, TN. They hail from the land of Robertsons and Drokes (Laura's extended family) and brought with them enough of the Tennessee hills to dull the ache I feel for a ramble through my grandparent's pastures or an afternoon on the muddy Tennessee River bank. It was GReAT to spend the weekend with them. We were a bit bummed because we were not able to make it down to Jackson, MS for Robby and Jessica Followell's wedding on Saturday. The Brasher's cheered us in our distant land...and the wedding of course went on...we heard it was beAutIfuL!!!

Kelly Brasher is my 2nd cousin (when your family is from the hills in TN you rate cousins in this way:). Thus, their kids Logan, Quinten and Natalie are my 3rd cousins. Though I remember Kelly from family reunions when I was first real interaction with her and her family was in 1999 when I spent the summer plowing fields for my dad and working with the youth at Morris Chapel Baptist. They quickly won their way into my heart and have been such faithful prayer warriors for me through many seasons since then. David has 'taken' to them just as readily as I did...and was inspired all weekend by Greg's humorous remarks. He even pulled out his repertoire of corny jokes in response. "What is green and fuzzy and if it falls out of a tree could kill you?" Response: A Pool Table. It was, too put it mildly, an entertaining weekend.