Friday, September 26, 2008

Progressive Dining

This week we were a part of a Progressive Dinner. This was my first progressive dinner ever and we decided to do a fall theme! I was in charge of the salad. We then proceeded to Bonnie and Justin's house for the main course. Kim fixed the delightful dessert.

In honor of fall, I decorate the table...something that I always made fun of my mom for doing...I even added a goodie bag of Candy Corn:)

Pear Salad with Blue Cheese and Berry Dressing.

Kim and Bonnie getting ready for the next course.

Progressing...across Grinstead Avenue.

The Main of the many highlights...these little stuffing muffins. Ok. I don't know what they were called. They were delicious though!

My favorite part about the dinner was learning all sorts of new facts about these friends. Bonnie and Justin showed us some lovely wall art. Kim revealed that her Dad is a Genealogist.

The grand finale at Kim's house...Pumpkin something truffle. It was unbelievable!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Pictureless Reunion

Ok. I was a blog failure this weekend.

David and I took the cutest niece and nephew in the world to the a Radio Flyer wagon on Friday morning. I took no pictures.

I went rollerblading at Shelby Farms with my sister. No pictures.

David had breakfast at Perkins with his dad. No pictures.

We drove down to Jackson and spent a wonderful Friday night and Saturday morning with folks from our wonderful college church, Morrison Heights Baptist. No pictures.

Saturday night I was reunited with 25-35 of my former classmates and their spouses. We talked, reminisced, asked (over 1000 times...) "So, what are you up to now?" I enjoyed every minute. It was GREAt to see folks. However, if you want pictures you will need to look on Facebook or Laurin Boeving's blog. I took no pictures.

After the reunion we went to Rebekah's house. Why? You may ask. Because my BEST FRIEND refused to come to the reunion...even after I threatened not to see her for the whole weekend if she did not show. She's a bit stubborn. We sat around laughing at her stories and then she played the piano like we used to in the good ole days. David and I sang a Les Miserables duet. It was....beautifully hilarious. No pictures.

Thankfully, I did break the pictures streak for two occasions...

Saturday after the Morrison Heights retreat, we met up with a few college friends for lunch at Keifer's in Jackson, Mississippi. How I miss these girls!

A sister picture with Lindsey after Sunday lunch with the Dawkins and my parents.

My apologies to my blogging friends for the sparsity.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Reunion

This weekend is my 10 year reunion. One of my colleagues put together a few pictures of David and I for the occasion.

I decided to post them here for every one's enjoyment.

A few high school memories that I am looking forward to reminiscing about this weekend:

1. Rebekah Ray and I running across campus our Junior year to get into Mrs. Miesse's homeroom before the bell rang. We ran sprints. Our watches were synchronized to the second with the school bell. We were pretty much on the upper crust of the cool in high school.

2. The day in Mr. Brink's Bible Class when all of the guys dressed like Francis Schaeffer. A man of dry wit, I rarely saw Mr. Brink really laugh though he often made us laugh. That day he laughed so hard he had to put his head down on his desk. It was historic.

3. The month in 10th grade during which Brian Pearson and I repeatedly stole Amanda Cline's backpack during lunch time. Each day we tried to convince her that the boy across the cafeteria was stalking her. For a while, she believed us. I think it all ended when Brian put the backpack up in a tree and Amanda headed to the Principal's office to report the "stalker."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Windy City

Sunday afternoon we got a very small taste of what those on the coast have been experiencing and a reminder of the power that the Psalmist praised in Psalm 148:7-8:

Praise the Lord from the earth,
you great sea creatures and all deeps,
fire and hail, snow and mist,
stormy wind fulfilling his word!

We had chicken salad and the rest of the makings of a picnic lunch packed in the car on Sunday however as we drove away from Immanuel with the wind swirling around us we decided we should have an indoor picnic at home. By the time we arrived...30 minutes later...we'd seen trees blown onto cars, limbs crushing power lines, and signs thrown across yards. We lost power around 2pm Sunday and got it back at 11pm last night. I must admit that David and I were pretty nostalgic about the opportunity to read by candlelight again and hear nothing but the roaring hum of those neighbors who have generators:) It reminded us of Peruvian and African days gone by..even the generators! As the Seminary is still without power...we are off work and classes are cancelled.

I am at the Crescent Hill library...and my blog time is running out. So...I will head back home to clean out those melted Popsicles from the freezer:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Doorbell

After a brief pause, I am rejoining the blogging world. David and I have been pretty busy over the past few weeks as we adjust to the fall semester schedule. In the meantime, there've been a few changes at the Dawkins house. Our landlord, who is from Florida, came into town this week. He installed a new faucet fixture in the kitchen! A new ceiling fan to tone down the furnace our kitchen becomes when I use our gas oven. AND he bought us a new doorbell.

For a few months, David and I have been telling our guests to call us when they get to the locked door at the bottom of the stairwell leading to our apartment door because our doorbell does not work. We share the stairwell with Cindy...who resides in apartment I nicknamed the "treehouse" on the 3rd we can't just leave the door open.

One day, our doorbell simply stopped working. We could not figure this out. The wiring looked old. We must just need something new. We told our landlord, John David.

Upon his arrival from Florida, John David presented David with a new wireless doorbell. David thanked him, brought it upstairs to show me....and we both stared in disbelief.

Four months ago I decided to put a fresh coat of paint on our hallway. The other resident left some box in the hallway plug which I assumed was some sort of scent re leaser or smoke detector. It was ugly. I took it out of the plug and put it in the closet. I never gave it a second thought.

Wednesday, sweet David asked me where I put that "ugly" box that was once in the hallway that looked exactly like the package John David had given him. He went to the closet and found it. He plugged it back in. He went downstairs. He pressed the doorbell. It rang.

Oh well.

It could have happened to anyone?!?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bradley (In Miniature)

A few months ago I enlightened readers on our annual meeting with a few folk from Mississippi College each Labor Day. This year, "The Bradley Family Reunion" was moved to 4th of July weekend. Nonetheless, there was a mini-reunion here in Louisville to honor the Labor Day crew...many of whom were gathered in that far off land of Jackson, MS for weddings. It was, as always, refreshing.

Saturday morning we met up with a few Louisville friends at the KY International Festival to watch the parade.

David and Leah (Leah,a.k.a Suite-tea,Rebekah "Brek",Nikki "The Tornado," and Laura shared a blissful suite in the East Tower...WAY back in the day.)

Sunday afternoon baking fun with Brian and Leslie. The Ammons are gourmet..just look at that team work.

Among her many talents, Leslie possesses a hair-teasing ability that is not to be rivaled. It was truly inspirational to watch.

I learned that librarian Leah fills her mug at school not with coffee...which seems an appropriate drink for a librarian....but Mountain Dew. I've no doubt the library where Leah reigns not exactly your average library.