Friday, May 29, 2009


I love this pic with the city behind us but we're actually quite blurry. Thanks to my latest love - - I made it into a pencil sketch and you don't even notice! I think you will love Picnik too.

The Belle Of Louisville

Last night David and I boarded the Belle of Louisville for an evening sightseeing cruise. Thanks to the Hometown Louisville deal - 2 for 1! When I booked the tickets it didn't occur to me to check the weather. Yesterday I realized that thunderstorms were predicted. Around 6pm though, the skies lifted a bit and we actually had an incredible evening - the perfect temperature for a boat ride.

Here's my "confession" for the week - since I often confess things here on the blog. I am a very silly person and last night I was in a ridiculous mood. I was rarely as composed as I appear in that first picture. In fact, for some reason I had a severe itch to dance to all the fun songs they were playing on the Belle. So I spent some time on the back of the boat, dancing my heart out. David laughed and took pictures of me. I am posting one of them because you deserve to know the truth.

Overall, we gave it a date night rating of 2 Thumbs Up!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Photographer Man

I send David to Texas with the camera ...and this is what he comes back with:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picture, Please?

I arrived at the Middle School yesterday and made my way to the school auditorium where a few classes were already waiting for the concert to begin. After a lot of waiting, Keyara played her little heart out on the clarinet to Lean on Me, and a few other tunes.

Before ascending the stage, I asked her loudly if she wanted me to take a picture of her with her friend (boy). She hurriedly declined my offer. ooops:)

I should have known better than to pull my camera out....afterward I remembered my 7th grade dance.

At my first school dance, my mom came as a chaperon. I was not delighted. She brought along her red-eye reducing flash that was the equivalent to a strobe light. She took pictures all night it seemed. Each flash alerted me that it was my mother who was camera-happy. It is doubtful that any of my friends knew that it was my mom who had the strobe-flash. I was convinced they did though and glared at her enraged each time I saw the flash start up.

Poor mom. Now I know how she could have been completely oblivious to the I was yesterday. One day some little Dawkins is going to have a hard time of it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Band Concert

Keyara, my Louisville "little sis," has a band concert today at her middle school. I am heading over to watch her play the clarinet. My hopes for her are high. The band is having a reception later today and needed some goodies. I baked a batch of cupcakes. White with chocolate icing at her request. I decided last night to decorate them in with musical notes and symbols. They didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped...a few of the notes look more like blobs. I can't really decide...will a junior higher think this was a cool idea or an embarassing attempt? Anyone else out there glad we aren't 13 anymore?

A Fonder Heart

David finally returned from Texas last night at 11pm. Though my heart was quite fond already, distance did indeed make my heart grow fonder...I could hardly contain myself!

I've discovered in the past few months as David's traveled a bit that I am pretty much like a grandmother when preparing for his return. I stocked up at the grocery. I made a pitcher of sweet tea. I thawed some OJ for his breakfast. I set aside cupcakes for him. I made a lasagna for dinner tonight. Apparently, food is an expression of love for me.

I was quite tempted to skip work this morning and follow hubs around all day. But alas, I couldn't really think of a way to explain that to my boss. 4:30pm can't come quick enough for me today!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hometown Tourist Month

I like to know what's going on on the community calendar. One of the best places to get the scoop is on the Louisville tourism site. They list art festivals, free concerts on the river, plays, etc. It's not all-inclusive so there are a few other sites I lurk as well. One of my favorite finds last year was the Hometown Tourism Celebration which is held each May. We're talking 2 for 1 admission on the Belle of Louisville, discounted Derby Dinner tickets, free ballet lessons.......the list goes on.

For all you Louisvillians with a KY ID, check it out:


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Appalachian Adventure: The Final Edition

A few final pics from our trip...and I'm moving on with my life and blog:)

One of the ministries of AO is a homeless shelter called Samaritan House located there in Jefferson City. On Tuesday night they have dinner and a Bible Study. Our task: dinner for 40-50 people. Please see Laurin's blog for the pics of preparation. It didn't always look this calm. In fact, one of my favorite parts of that day was after our grocery run to get all the food. Laurin and I were a little high strung. I don't think either of us have ever cooked for that many people. The guys bought us popsicles and we sat exhausted on a bench in the store eating our ice cream while the guys checked out and loaded the car. Good husbands...they were very faithful kitchen assistants:)

David and the banana pudding.

Enough garlic bread to feed a small country...thanks guys!

Angie is the clothes closet/food pantry guru of AO. She is pretty much a whirlwind of activity and a ton of fun. Definitely one of my favorite parts of AO.

And how could I wrap up the week without introducing you to Ronnie? Laurin's description was best so I'll just quote her blog "Ronnie is just one of those good ole country boys from the moutains. The one who got his wife a tater (potato) bin for their 14th anniversary. The one who when we asked if we could post his picture on our blogs, his response: You're not going to put me on E-harmony, are you? because, you see, that is what he really thought we were going to do when we said the word blog." Ah, Ronnie. He was like our personal tour guide for the week. He told us about all the Jefferson City hot spots. Worth the trip just for him:)

So there you have a vague, incomplete picture of a week that was ever full but it is perhaps a little clearer than when I started this series. It was a fruitful week in many ways. For that, I am thankful.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Appalachian Adventure: Part III

One of my favorite aspects of Louisville life over the past year has been the presence of the Boevings in our daily lives. We are so grateful to have 'home folk' around us. A curiosity to me through this season has been observing male friendship...a phenomenon which I previously had little admittance into the inner workings. It seems entirely natural for me to chat incessantly with Laurin or get together for a run or to call her about a recipe...but when David does the same, only male-version with Aaron, I find it completely intriguing. David has known Aaron since he was a wee one - we have a great picture of them on a camping trip when they are 4 or 5 years old. David almost always refers to Aaron as "A.B." He calls him to discuss his class schedule, query him about theological matters, ask him about the computer. Sometimes when we are all together and Laurin and I are chatting away I just want to stop and listen in. What is it that men talk about?

Aaron's birthday is today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...and David knew he would be out in the wilderness of Texas by now. (He called last night to tell me there are rattlesnakes and wild boars on the ranch...where on earth is he?) So we celebrated a little early last week with brownies and David's and Aaron's favorite game: Monopoly. David was especially excited because he picked out a gift for Aaron. When I ask David to pick out a gift, I really never know what to expect. He could hardly wait to give Aaron his find - a hummingbird feeder. David thought the little Boeving gals might like to watch the hummingbirds! Now, of all the things I would have guessed he would come home from the store with a hummingbird feeder was not among them. A+ for creativity, hubs!

As for the game of Monopoly, Aaron pretty much overtook all of us. Please note his stack of properties and David's puny pile.

Because we didn't really have a clear picture of what our work at the ministry center would look like, Laurin and I had a hard time focusing on that before our arrival. We had a list a mile long of things we planned to do that week. We were convinced that we would have time in the evenings to sew and sew and sew. Actually, we only sewed one afternoon - for about 30 minutes before we gave in to sleep and took naps instead of making crafts.

Even in that short time span though, I was able to complete a little bandanna dress for my niece - purple with pink polka dotted ribbon!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Appalachian Adventure: Part II

We spent the week working with Appalachian Outreach, a ministry of Carson Newman College. For me, this trip was especially exciting because I've been the one behind the desk organizing trips for the past year. It was good to "get my hands dirty" a little and be able to be more involved in the face to face ministry of the gospel.

Appalachian Outreach receives all sorts of donations and work hard to distribute them effectively to the community to provide some relief in one of our nation's poorest areas. We were impressed with their love for the gospel and their love for the people of Appalachia. Their staff truly gives their lives away to serve there!

We spent time hanging clothes, sorting cans, assisting with the clothes closet and food pantry ministry, and enjoying the other volunteers. David was able to brush off his Spanish skills and get some good practice.

We worked alongside a church group from Nashville who has been coming to AO for several years now. They were great and treated us like one of the team!

I walked away with a lot of admiration for the staff at AO and their commitment to service in the name of Christ.

More to come....this is getting long!

Appalachian Adventure: Part I

I was hopeful last week that I would have a moment or two to blog while we were away. That, obviously, was not the case! So rather than write a post so long that no one will want to read it, this week I'll be backtracking a little to share bits of our Appalachian Adventure with you.

Before I backtrack too much, here's a bit of the more recent: We returned on Friday, spent Saturday doing laundry and even managed to squeeze in some ballroom dancing that night, and Sunday morning David got on yet another plane. He's in Texas for the week at a ranch for an intensive training in discipleship. I am wading through emails after a week away and catching up on a variety of other tasks...and missing my hub!

And now...our Appalachian Adventure:

We checked in at Mountain Lake Ranch, a Christian retreat center located 10 miles or so from Appalachian Outreach and surveyed our land.

Then, we loaded up and headed to Gatlinburg to reminisce about all those Bellevue youth group trips and college trips with Rob Mullins.

Ah. The Glenstone Lodge. One of the best parts about the trip was walking streets in G'burg that we'd walked together as 17 year olds...never knowing that over 10 years later we'd be married to one another and still hanging out as friends. God is so kind to bring surprises like that in life.

Of course we had to stop for some "sweeties" as Laurin calls them. Fudge was my pick of the night. The Boevings went for ice cream and David got a turtle:)

David was excited to see the kugel...still spinning on main street.

Mmmm. All of this was after we ate at The Best Italian Pizzeria - where over 10 years ago Laurin and Aaron first started to "like" each other. How sweet is that?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Our car is loaded and we are preparing to head to Appalachia for a week with Laurin and Aaron. Remember my blog about packing everything in a backpack for our last trip to Memphis? My high maintenance concerns have definitely returned. I pretty much packed our entire house for this little trip. Laurin and I even decided we might have time for sewing in the evening. We're taking our sewing machines.

Ah well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Traveling Shoes

Yesterday David left in the wee hours of the morning for a quick work-related trip to Virginia. He's coming back this evening.

Tomorrow though, he will pack up again for a Sunday morning departure to the Smoky mountains. We plan to spend next week serving with a ministry called Appalachian Outreach. More about this trip in days to come!

I took a look at our calendar yesterday and found that over the next 67 days either one or both of the Louisville Dawkins will be gone from our little abode for 29 of those days. Wow. Put on those traveling shoes.

This blog may become a travel log.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

In case you think I've forgotten...

Even though I don't write about tulips everyday anymore, I still think about them.

This little one was on it's last leg and started to was so beautiful. The other day I saw a tulip that was about to die. It's petals were like spikes. It was also beautiful. Tulips are beautiful. In case anyone wondered my position.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hazy Dreams

Normally, I sleep like a rock. When I was a summer camp counselor during my college years, I always feared that all my little campers would just get up in the night and leave. I probably wouldn't have woken. This week I've been sleeping a bit lighter. I'm sure I always dream - I just don't usually remember them but lately my dreams have been a bit more noticeable than usual.

Monday morning David was doing his best to rouse me from my slumber from his desk in the dining room. It was time to get up. I was mid-dream. I have no idea what it was about but he told me later that I shouted to him "You don't need to bring me that picture for the blog. It's ok."

Yesterday I woke up in anxiety over a visit to a Cuban dentist. Apparently, I was in Cuba. I convinced a dentist - who had a one room chair set up in a store front - to stay open later for me. I persuaded him that it was very important. I needed to see the dentist. Then, as soon as he started to come toward me with his cleaning pic, a rush of fear overpowered me. I thought, "I'm in Cuba! Why on earth am I going to the dentist in Cuba.? That metal pic probably hasn't been cleaned off from his last client. Can't you get HIV from a dentist's instrument?" Anxiety rushed upon me and I was trying to decide if it would be culturally inappropriate to scream "Have you sanitized that pic?" Startled, I awoke.

I went to brush my teeth. They hadn't been cleaned...and I haven't been to Cuba.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Silhouette

For some reason, I've been nearly obsessed with making a silhouette of my husband for the past few months. Ok. Nearly obsessed means that I've thought about it a few times.

The truth is, I really do loVe the shape of David's nose. Long before we married or even dated, back in college, I remember admiring his nose. Weird. I know...and here I am writing it on the blog.

For my birthday my mom gave me Martha Stewart's Craft Encyclopedia. Guess what? There's an entire section on making silhouettes.

Thankfully, David is a good sport. He let me take shot of him as the book suggested:

Last night I printed it out at Walgreens and began the first step in making his profile:

David said that I may have exaggerated his nose just a bit...but isn't it beautiful! Next is the framing.

Thanks, Martha.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

May 3rd is my little sister's birthday. We are 5 years and 9 days apart - a gap that has narrowed with each passing year. She is undoubtedly one of my deepest treasures. There is nothing like a sister.

Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply...
~Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, 1814

Last year Lindsey made me a sister-shirt. It advertised how much she loved me. I, in turn, made her one as well. Instead of describing what a great little sis she is as would have been appropriate, it said "I love my big sister." :)

I am wishing Louisville were closer to Memphis this weekend.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
~Marion C. Garretty

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pink Cadillac

I think I've mentioned before my theory that more people are born in the Spring than any other time...I'm holding firm. Even my new Louisville friends seem to favor this season! Last night I got more use out of the birthday decorations from my mom by celebrating a sweet co-worker's birthday.

Though we work just down the hall from one another, Erin and I were "introduced" by my roommate from a semester in Austria in 1999 who happened to end up at SBTS as well several years after we lost touch. She saw me in the parking lot after work when they were back on campus just for a few days. What are the chances? Random? Better yet - providential! She was convinced that Erin and I would be good friends and told us so. She was right!

After dinner Erin and I joined some friends at the Seminary Wives' Institute Spring Celebration. We were admittedly drawn in by the promise of great door prizes. Though generally speaking, I don't usually come away with big wins - last night I received a $50 gift certificate to Mary Kay!

Maybe the consultant will drive up in a Pink Cadillac?