Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to the Books

I'm fairly sure that in the daily interests of life such as popcorn popping and tulip watching, I never mentioned on the blog that I actually enrolled last semester in my first class at Southern Seminary in the Biblical Counseling program.

Before you're too impressed, let me explain that I'm on the 25 year plan for a Masters degree. David's speeding through his MDiv coursework like the studious fellow that he is...but I'm literally taking it one class at a time. My goal is to learn...not necessarily to graduate within a conventional time frame.

This semester my Tuesday nights are devoted to a class on Marriage and Family Counseling. My first impression of the class is that it is going to be immensely helpful and quite interesting, despite the dreaded 3 hour long stint in one seat (a hard pull for an easily distracted gal like me). My first impression of the syllabus was "are you kidding me?" I forgot that this is grad school. Reading, reading, and more reading. I looked at my busy day planner and cringed. Then I started reading.

I just finished up book 2 of the 7 on my list...God, Marriage and Family by Kostenberger. What a great book! Not quite as engaging as my usual novel... there's definitely a scholarly spine to this one... but a true jewel for a Christian's shelf covering a wealth of topics that are faced daily in our culture. I will reference it in years to come as a touch point to study topics such as gender roles, parenting, abortion, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage along with a wealth of others. His foot notes alone are worth the price in order to gather resources on the topics discussed.

Alright, friends, fall is here. It's back to the books for me.


Mary Beth said...

Hey Laura!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!! I have most definitely been stalking yours for a bit now and have loved hearing what has been going on in your life!! I hope your fall goes well!

Tamara said...

I'm so jealous! I was looking at course work there for when we might be there in a few years and decided I should forget the medical stuff and get a many fun classes!

Leslie said...

laura, this book was such a huge help to brian in the past few years- glad to see it has been a blessing to you as well!
love ya!!! can't wait for next weekend!!!!