Monday, August 24, 2009

The Battles We Fight

The boys were contemplating the wonders of Greek. Lamenting the complexity of an old language and battling to conquer it.

Laurin and I were engaged in another battle: the monogram machine. When Laurin told me about this new addition to her sewing equipment, I was terribly excited. The possibilities for monogramming are endless. Last night she gave me a demo. This machine pretty much requires a Masters degree for operation. The manual looks like an engineering guide.

After a little trouble shooting...

Victory!!! And this was only a practice round.

(Ooops...blurry!) The funniest part of the evening was watching David and Aaron give their input on the monogramming success. I think it was so hysterical to me because when we're together I somehow feel like we're all back in high school....and the thought of David and Aaron being interested in a monogram is really...ridiculous.

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Lee said...

This made me laugh =) David and Aaron contemplating the monogram.