Monday, August 31, 2009

BBQ Snobbery

Saturday night was date night. After meandering up and down Bardstown in search of a suitable choice, David and I decided to try Mark's Feed Store. It's been recommended to us a number of times since we moved here, but we'd never set foot inside this local BBQ joint. To be honest, every time we've eaten BBQ since our move closer to the Mason-Dixon line, we've been a bit disappointed. We've even been accused of BBQ snobbery by a few folks.

I know you Memphians out there can identify with us on this. You grow up in a city with The Rendezvous, The Commissary, Corky's and an annual Memphis in May BBQ Festival...and it kind of takes the edge off the boasts of other cities. Not to mention that I spent my childhood eating BBQ from my grandaddy's pigs smoked overnight on the TN river by my uncles and from greasy paper bags my dad would bring to the farm house from hole-in-the-wall smoke houses. Ok. They may be right. We're BBQ snobs.

One significant discovery we've made is our strong inclination to brown sugar based BBQ sauce rather than the vinegar base we taste so often in these parts. In all fairness, I have to confess that I actually liked the sauce at Mark's Feed Store. David and I sat at the table contemplating this, feeling like Yankees.

Overall, we concluded that we would probably hit Mark's again. We actually enjoyed it quite a bit. For the first time, I selected the beef BBQ and will definitely go for that next time too. Oh, how we need to get back to the deep South!!!

Maybe next time we go to Memphis we should go eat BBQ just to keep our edge.


Beth said...

Let's double date to Mark's the next time you go! We really enjoy it, esp. the potato salad. Did you have it? It's amazing!

Brandi said...

I LOVE BBQ! Although I have to agree with you, Laura. BBQ around these parts just doesn't cut it. I am a big fan of the TN BBQ - love the brown sugar sauce! They say that the FABD has some of the best just have to disguise yourself before going in! Ha! :)

Dad-O said...

I've had BBQ in almost every state in the US and pork BBQ is definitely better in Memphis and the mid-south. But, if you want the best beef BBQ you must go to Texas(preferably south of Dallas)the BBQ beef brisquit will rivil the pork BBQ in Memphis.

Lori said...

Girl, here in TX everyone knows I'm a bbq snob. I pretty much only like pulled pork bbq. Here in TX it is all about beef brisket. I say yuck! Memphis bbq is the best, no doubt. Try Fat Larry's bbq next time you're home in Memphis. It's on hwy 70. He is a very close friend of the family and makes delicious bbq!!!

B Nettles said...

For pulled pork in Memphis I like Central. Saturday we're taking a motorcycle ride from Jackson (TN) down to Lexington to try out a BBQ place there for lunch.