Friday, August 28, 2009

A Dinner Guest

Lately I've been noticing that an uninvited dinner guest has been using our porch table. I'll come home in the afternoon and find this....

Now that's just gross. Chewed up nuts on my beloved teak table.

Occasionally, the perpetrator even raids David's tomato bush and leaves bits of tomato skin on the table.

Though I've not been an eye witness, I have my suspicions about this guy who lives in the tree beside our house. He makes little squirrel noises at me when I walk past and I think he may be harboring bitterness over those times I've startled him. I guess if I were following a biblical model, I would just leave a bowl of nuts out for him rather than glaring at him when I walk past now.

1 comment:

Dad-O said...

Mom has a trap if you would like to relocate the little bugger. There's also the possibility of squirrel and dumplings for dinner.