Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is this normal?

Saturday night, when cooler people were doing cooler things...David and I were popping popcorn in our kitchen. We love kettle corn. I mean, really. Sweet. Salty. Delightful.

I have a terrible fear of burning popcorn. I hate the smell, the taste, the failure of burnt popcorn. Consequently, I usually stop the microwave before it's really time.

Being the thrifty man that he is (with an aversion for throwing out any food), David salvaged the kernels from the bottom of the bowl. We put them right back in that bag and folded it over to seal it.

And would you believe it? We go a whole nother round of popcorn? Yes we did. It wasn't quite as sweet and salty...but nonetheless.

Not one to stop when possibility is still before him, David just poured the dregs onto the microwave plate and went for a 3rd round. His success rate was much less this time, but he thoroughly enjoyed watching those kernels shoot across the microwave.

That's what we were doing at 10pm on Saturday night. What a life.

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