Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Since I know you've been wondering for the past 24 hours what we'll do about that microwave....

David went to another hardware store last night and found a fuse with higher voltage than the first replacement. He fixed it again. Last night I cooked my baby peas...and this morning? It's still kickin'!!!

That iron on the other hand....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr. Fix-It

I use our microwave a lot. Baked potatoes, green beans, sticky name it, I put it in the microwave. To my great dismay, our microwave sputtered out on Saturday. Oh the sadness. It's a wonderful microwave. My sister gave it to us for Christmas the first year we were married. I lamented. David tried to take it apart. The screws were tamper proof. He went to Home Depot and bought tools to remove the tamper proof casing. I left to take Keyara to the Slugger Museum. I returned and the microwave was back in place...with the cover loosely attached. It was still broken but David assured me he'd located the problem.

Yesterday, David enlisted the help of a friend to help him replace the little connector (I have no idea the right term here) that appeared to be burnt out. Replace it, they did. And would you believe it? The microwave was resurrected!!! Unbelievable! I was terribly proud of hubs. They fixed that microwave for $4.50. He warned me though that they couldn't find the exact connector, so it might not work for long. Nonetheless, I cooked my baked potatoes and green beans last night with gusto.

All was well....

....until this morning.

Apparently, last night's dinner was too much for the mismatched connector. Now David's talking about ordering the right connector from the microwave company.

I have to admit. Despite the fact that the microwave still does not work, I'm completely impressed. I didn't know you could fix a microwave. I don't think David knew either. This seems to have inspired him to new heights. Last night I walked into the bedroom to find him on the floor tearing apart the iron that quit last month. This may have started something....

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Celebration

This weekend we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Our big day is actually October 6 but we'll be in Memphis next weekend for David's 10 year reunion. Friday night, David cooked me a delicious steak dinner, gave me lots of gifts and candies, and then took me downtown for a walk around the fountains...and a surprise dessert at Rivue. Rivue is a swanky restaurant located on the 25th floor of The Galt House in downtown Louisville. The wide windows overlook the Ohio River and the Louisville skyline....and to ensure that every table gets a good view, the floor rotates as you eat! I'll admit that for the first 10 minutes I wasn't quite sure my stomach could handle the rotation...but once I adjusted it was great! The dessert was delicious, the atmosphere was elegant, and of course, the company was perfect.

The next day was my turn to surprise hubs. The day started off with a heart of oranges for David...who likes fruit better than candy:) We went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and headed over to the Balloon Festival afterward where the hot air balloon glow was to take place at 8pm and a fireworks show at 9pm. Sadly, the schedule was moved up due to an incoming storm so my plan fell apart a bit. As we were driving away from the entrance feeling a bit downtrodden that we'd missed it, the fireworks display began and we had a perfect view from the nearby park. Hubs sweetly said that he liked it better than the original plan:) Dessert was at home...while we watched the video of old family photos made for our rehearsal dinner.

I love marriage. It was good to celebrate.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Museum Day

Tomorrow is Museum Day at all Smithsonian affiliated museums. Big deal, right? Actually, yes!

Museum Day = Free Admission

That means that Keyara and I will probably hit the Louisville Slugger Museum...and all you Memphians can get two free passes to the Rock n' Roll Museum!

Click here to print your pass. A list of museums is available at the site. Most big cities have a couple options:

Museum Day

Please note that I never know about these deals but I do have some coupon clipping friends who are so savvy in this area. Thanks for sharing the tip Laurin and Erin!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the thoughts in my head.

This weekend we are celebrating (a little early)our 2 year anniversary. David is planning a surprise night o fun for me on Friday and on Saturday night, it's my turn. He's been trying to get the plan out of me all week, so of course, I can't post about it quite yet.

There seem to be a lot of spiders in Louisville these days. We have lots of webs on our street. Earlier this week, a jumping spider was in the car with me. This caused quite a commotion. Last night I dreamt about spiders. That was really unfortunate. I dislike spiders. Thankfully, Africa was a buffer for me in this fear. At least the spiders here aren't the size of my head.

I'm so glad fall is here. The leaves are starting to turn various shades of yellow. Someday soon I'm going to make myself a cup of apple cider and sip it while I bake spice cake. My mamaw told me caramel icing goes well on a spice cake. She suggested that I put chopped apples in the cake. This sounds delicious to me.

I've been trying to make a video project on my computer. This requires me to edit music down to the right time frame. Sometimes projects like that bring out more anger than I knew I had in my little heart. I had to stop half way through and have a quiet time.

These are some of the thoughts in my head this morning. Thankfully, there are a few more in there that are a bit weightier. But I'll save that dialogue for another day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Excellent Wife?

Lindsey and Andy left on Monday after we spent the morning shopping on Frankfort. I'd been having so much fun that I just didn't think about the book review due for class on Tuesday...and the reading that is required in order to review it.

Let's just say that Monday night was a lesson in speed reading. Finally on Tuesday afternoon, with just 40 pages left in the book, a friend mentioned to me that the book wasn't due until the following week. I checked the class schedule. Yep. There I was ignoring my husband and being anything but the excellent wife while trying to finish it up...and I had a whole week before it was actually due.

I may go back and read some of the chapters this week....It's another book I'd highly recommend. Undoubtedly the most biblical and thorough book on the topic that I've ever read. It's chocked full of Scripture...that is used within the context and applied appropriately.

At least if I'm going to mis-read a syllabus, I'm glad it wasn't due last week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Nina and the Pinta

I wanted to show Lindsey and Andy the sights of Louisville on Sunday afternoon (actually David really wanted to give them a driving tour). In spite of the gloomy weather, we headed downtown. As we drove down by the Ohio River we noticed a sign: The Nina and the Pinta. That's right, folks. The pilgrims were in Louisville this weekend. We didn't pay the $7 entry fee to look on board these replicas...though it was tempting. You just never know what you'll find docked in the Ohio, do you?

Sunday night we took them to Spinelli's Pizza. It's a slightly shady paper plate/no utensils restaurant on trendy Bardstown road. David was glad to have Andy along to ensure that he could get half of a meatlovers pizza and I was grateful for a sis who also goes for the Veggie half:)

The first time we went to Spinelli's we met our old college minister and some others from his church who were in town for the Southern Baptist Convention. Our neighbor had recommended it to us and so we passed along the recommendation...not quite knowing what it was like. There we sat, in Sunday skirts and pastor suits, underneath a life sized painting of Burt Reynolds...not nearly clad and lying on a bear skin rug smoking a cigarette. It's quite a place, old Spinelli's. The pizza is great though.

I do love my sister. Now wasn't that sweet of them to drive 6 hours just for a day and a half? It was. I miss 'em already!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Tiger-Petting Sister

Lindsey and her man-friend, Andy, are coming for a little visit to Louisville this weekend. I'm not sure ole Andy knows what he's getting into. I've already got a craft night on the agenda. I'll be so glad to see her sweet face!

The tiger picture was taken on her backpacking trip to Thailand this summer. Once, in Africa, I got inside a cage with baby lions. My roommate took a few pictures. I look like I'm about to have a panic attack in all of them. These were baby lions. Take a look at this picture though.There those crazy kids are with a full grown tiger yawning and stretching his big paws....smiling like they're hugging Mamaw.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I heart BBC.

To me, coffee in the morning and the 10 O'Clock news each evening is basically a sign that you're an adult. At 29, neither are a habit for me. I'm not sure what that means.

I do have an early morning addiction that has developed over the past year though that makes me feel a bit more grown up. This is primarily in response to the awareness that WW III could be going on across town and David and I would be oblivious to it. I've never been much on local news which in my mind equates to a report on last night's murder and the latest recall of the trampoline that could injure your child (if they happen to jump on it from the 3rd floor of your house.)

My news love? BBC. The main page is major world events of the day. Click on a story and the sidebar becomes news arranged by region. My particular favorite feature is at the top of the news story. A 60 second clip of the BBC World Minute. I like to know the headlines...and then have the resources to delve further into a story if I want to know more. I really like the World Minute.

Then, of course, there are the sidebar stories. Today it was the announcement of the world's tallest man. I found this story particularly interesting. How could you not?

"At 8ft 1in (2.47m), Sultan Kosen, from Turkey, is about 4in (10cm) taller than previous title-holder Bao Xishun.

The 27-year-old's hands measure 10.8in (27.5cm) and his feet 14.3in (36.5cm).

Mr Kosen, whose height is due to the medical condition pituitary gigantism, said he hoped his new-found fame would bring him love for the first time.

"The first thing I want to do is have a car that I can fit in, but more than that I want to get married," he said.

"Up until now it's been really difficult to find a girlfriend. I've never had one, they were usually scared of me. I'm hoping now I will find one."

He went on: "Hopefully now that I'm famous I'll be able to meet lots of girls. I'd like to get married." "


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star Bird Pottery

After almost two years in Louisville, I'm still finding treasures throughout the city. This weekend I discovered the eclectic Mellwood Art Center. They hosted a fall art fair...tents full of crafty creations. Confession: I went twice this weekend!

There was one booth in particular that I unashamedly loved. I've developed a small obsession with birds over the past year. I like the bird motif that is floating about these days. Star Bird Pottery by Caroline Zama, quite simply, caught my heart. Her pottery is completely whimsical. In my very uneducated opinion, that's hard to do with pottery.

I was tempted to pre-order a set of Wise Men for Christmas...but to husband's relief, I refrained. Not limited to her little birdies, she also had a great selection of hand built vases.

Seriously, how wonderful would it be to pour your salt and pepper from one of these little ones?

She hosts Ladies Clay Night classes every now and then where you can learn to fashion your very own bird! (

Hubs. This is an official hint for a birthday gift:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ready, Set....

On Saturday, the office I work for hosted a 5K to raise money for missions. It's my favorite event that we work on all year. Besides the fact that it's for a great cause - if I'm not running, I like to watch other people run. It's also a day when I see people I am contact with in a more professional setting in a completely different atmosphere.... and I like that. Plus, the t-shirts are always super-cool:)

With great pride, I watched my very own running buddy place right behind the Overall Female winner. Laurin took 1st in the Under 40 ladies category! Congrats, Laurin! I had no doubt:)

To my wonder, this guy took 2nd in the Over 40 Male category....pushing 2 gals in a stroller. David has run with him a few times and I asked him how much the stroller weighs. Dave assured me that it's about 90 lbs! Unbelievable. I tried pushing little Aubrey Boeving one afternoon with Laurin and my pace slowed to a crawl!

The truth is - even though it's my favorite event of the year, I'm always very relieved when it's finished. The rest of my weekend was quite relaxing...more later about the fabulous Mellwood Art Fair and the return of hubs!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Predictable Plaid

This morning David left for Mississippi. He is speaking at a college conference this weekend...and I am wishing I were on my way down South to hear him! The office I work for is having a 5K this weekend of our biggest in Louisville I remain.

David is a creature of habit. A man of systematic thought and action. He has a detailed theory for just about everything he does.

Travel is no exception. Since the introduction of baggage fees, David's made an art of fitting all he could possibly need into his carry on bags so he won't have to pay that extra $15. This at times requires meticulous packing and liquid measurement. It is no problem for him though. Such meticulous work is like playing a game to him.

One other mysterious travel quirk of his: the blue plaid shirt.

When David left for Peru for two years, he travelled in his plaid shirt. When I met him at the airport two years later after his jungle stint, he was wearing his plaid shirt. In the airport pictures, it's hard to tell if he's coming or going unless someone else is in the pic with him. He now calls it his travel shirt and wears it whenever possible on flights.

Predictability is sometimes just as entertaining and amusing as spontaneity.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Black and Blue

I've been hunting thrift stores lately for my new fall wardrobe. Monday a friend took me to the "Unique" Thrift Shop. Let me just say that I've driven past the Unique multiple times and thought to myself "That place is either out of business or it's a drug warehouse." Not so. It was actually a jewel of a thrift store. I came home with a bag full of "new" fall duds.

The Unique definitely lived up to its name in more way than one. To give you an idea, we stood in line for 45 minutes (it was a everything was 50% off). During this time, we chatted with one lady who was buying an old wedding dress to dye black...for a Halloween costume contest. She came in 2nd to a guy on stilts last year. (She explained that he is a painter and so stilts aren't even a big deal for him.) This year she's going all out. She'd been waiting for the 50% off sale for weeks. She's going to put a few guys on stilts herself. I hope she wins.

Then, there's the overhead intercom. Bethany warned me that there have been fights over the intercom before during her Unique visits. In fact, she's never been there when something exciting didn't go on between workers over the intercom. Monday was no exception. It was fantastic.

Today I am wearing a find from St. Joe's a few weeks ago - an Ann Taylor wrap dress. I was very confident that it was a navy dress. So confident that I was planning to bring some navy shoes back from Memphis next time we're there. I slipped on my brown shoes this morning and headed to work. Thereafter I reassessed the blueness of my dress. Actually, it's black. Unfortunate mistake.

Thankfully, husband never tires of getting me out of fashion predicaments. He carried those black pumps right up to my office door. That's a real man for you:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

The old college crew came to Louisville this weekend to keep tradition with our Labor Day rituals.

Let me tell you about those traditions:

Barry takes pictures. Thankfully so, mine are all a bit fuzzy.

We eat and eat and eat. Basically the only thing that is mealtime. We ate a LOT.

We did our best to spend as much time together as possible. In order to ensure that we didn't miss a thing...David and I camped out on Leslie's 3rd floor balcony. Actually, this only lasted one night. It was fun...for a night.

We play games. The name game, mafia, Catch Phrase and Scrabble Apple were the games of choice this weekend. The name game and mafia are staples for Labor Day weekend.

Every year before departure, we hit the closest Cracker Barrel and take the edge off the sadness of parting with hash brown casserole, biscuits and honey.

Here's to the next serving of hash brown casserole. It was a happy Labor Day.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Roses in my Hand?

Who sings the song? I can't remember? But one line is etched in my memory. If I've heard it correctly he's asking his girl "Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?" Would that be enough to keep your heart?

When I hear it, sometimes I just think "Well, if my hub wants to fall asleep with roses in his hand, that'd be just fine with me." I like gifts. Flowers, balloons, chocolate, sweet love notes. My emotive little heart is certainly swayed by such offerings.

Then I My girl-expectations of my husband are sometimes just that high. Wake up next to me every morning with roses in your hand. Romance me unceasingly. Match my moods. Read my mind. Meet my needs before I need. Center your whole life around me, basically.

Poor guy. I bet sometimes he wishes I wasn't such a fan of chic flicks.

Well, let me just say that dear hub, though he already has my heart, has pretty much woken up with roses/daisies in his hand this week. Every morning when I walked blurry-eyed into the den to have a few quiet moments before the day, some gift or offering of love has been waiting for me. Chocolate, balloons, flowers, notes with all the cheesy gushy things I like. He entitled it "I Love Laura Week." It's not our anniversary. It's not my birthday. He's not trying to make up for some marital tiff. He's just that sweet.

I love that husband of mine.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Confession for the Day

Sometimes, I crave corn dogs.

Today I gave in and bought a pack from Aldi. I baked myself an greasy ole corn dog for lunch. Despite the fact that that corn dog plus the delicious peanut butter Twix bar sweet hubs gave me will make my run tonight the equivalent of a climb up Mount Everest, mmmmm...I love corn dogs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life Lessons from Math Class

In my 10th grade Math class, while Mrs. McCullough was trying to explain equations and inequalities I spent a lot of time looking at the bulletin board that was next to my desk. There was a quote on it by Chuck Swindoll on attitude. For some reason, I nearly memorized it (at the time, this probably had more to do with avoiding equations than it did my love for the quote).

This week I've been thinking about that quote.

To be honest, I've just had a bad attitude. I'm ashamed to confess that this 1/2 marathon training's killin' me. A busy schedule. Books and papers. A hub to cook dinner for at night. A tiny apartment that somehow gets dusty in an hour. A tired body that's revolting against my training. And my attitude hasn't been that great. I've forgotten to give thanks.

In response, I've been thinking about ole Chuck's words and my attitude. It's not that I'm a proponent of positive thinking as a means to changing your life...Christ changes lives, not the power of thought. But complaints and grumblings aren't exactly descriptive of Jesus. Servanthood and gratitude are. That's the attitude I want. And so when life seems to be piling up, I have a choice to make.

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.

Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude... I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

And so it is with you... we are in charge of our attitudes.

Chuck Swindoll

Thanks for the reminder, Chuck. Who'd have known so much from 10th grade math class would stick with me?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tie me to a balloon...

This weekend David and I took Keyara to see the latest Pixar movie, Up. Since the release of Toy Story, we've been Pixar fans. Admittedly, Wall-e was a pretty big disappointment to us...we were actually a bit bored in the theatre. As a result, I wasn't sure what to think of the rave reviews I was hearing. But, how could we pass it up now that it's at the economically friendly Greentree Theatre!?!

We LoVeD Up!!!!

It was hilarious. It provoked reflection. It was sentimental and sad. I confess that it did indeed make me Keyara's amazement, no doubt. It was suspenseful. (ok. we're not talking Hitchcock suspense...but for a kid's movie.) It was creative. And it fed fantasy. Admission - I've always wanted to float away while holding a bunch of balloons. Who hasn't? I mean, really. Who hasn't?

Not to mention that it was just plain sweet and for a change honored married love. In the end it made me reach over for my sweet husband's hand and wish for many more adventures together.