Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Black and Blue

I've been hunting thrift stores lately for my new fall wardrobe. Monday a friend took me to the "Unique" Thrift Shop. Let me just say that I've driven past the Unique multiple times and thought to myself "That place is either out of business or it's a drug warehouse." Not so. It was actually a jewel of a thrift store. I came home with a bag full of "new" fall duds.

The Unique definitely lived up to its name in more way than one. To give you an idea, we stood in line for 45 minutes (it was a everything was 50% off). During this time, we chatted with one lady who was buying an old wedding dress to dye black...for a Halloween costume contest. She came in 2nd to a guy on stilts last year. (She explained that he is a painter and so stilts aren't even a big deal for him.) This year she's going all out. She'd been waiting for the 50% off sale for weeks. She's going to put a few guys on stilts herself. I hope she wins.

Then, there's the overhead intercom. Bethany warned me that there have been fights over the intercom before during her Unique visits. In fact, she's never been there when something exciting didn't go on between workers over the intercom. Monday was no exception. It was fantastic.

Today I am wearing a find from St. Joe's a few weeks ago - an Ann Taylor wrap dress. I was very confident that it was a navy dress. So confident that I was planning to bring some navy shoes back from Memphis next time we're there. I slipped on my brown shoes this morning and headed to work. Thereafter I reassessed the blueness of my dress. Actually, it's black. Unfortunate mistake.

Thankfully, husband never tires of getting me out of fashion predicaments. He carried those black pumps right up to my office door. That's a real man for you:)


Kari Plevan said...

Laura, I love this story, just like all of your stories. I went to Goodwill this past weekend and thought of you. Especially when I was buying my OH SO CUTE Charlotte Russe short-sleeved blazer for $2.50. :)

I'll have to check this place out. Oh and email me with any good costume ideas for Halloween. I feel the pressure to come up with something really good to wear to work since I'm at the front desk. :)

Candace said...

You know you have a good man when he carries your black pumps to you, holds your purse and buys you tampons. We are blessed.

Beth said...

So funny. Laura, when will you take me thrift shopping? I am scared to go alone.

Brandi said...

Laura your dress was so cute today! I can't believe you got it at a thrift store. :) You find the neatest clothes when you shop. Teach me!! :)

rTwin said...

I love it - Laura, this is the best blog ever... because I can almost literally HEAR you say what you write.