Monday, September 28, 2009

The Celebration

This weekend we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Our big day is actually October 6 but we'll be in Memphis next weekend for David's 10 year reunion. Friday night, David cooked me a delicious steak dinner, gave me lots of gifts and candies, and then took me downtown for a walk around the fountains...and a surprise dessert at Rivue. Rivue is a swanky restaurant located on the 25th floor of The Galt House in downtown Louisville. The wide windows overlook the Ohio River and the Louisville skyline....and to ensure that every table gets a good view, the floor rotates as you eat! I'll admit that for the first 10 minutes I wasn't quite sure my stomach could handle the rotation...but once I adjusted it was great! The dessert was delicious, the atmosphere was elegant, and of course, the company was perfect.

The next day was my turn to surprise hubs. The day started off with a heart of oranges for David...who likes fruit better than candy:) We went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and headed over to the Balloon Festival afterward where the hot air balloon glow was to take place at 8pm and a fireworks show at 9pm. Sadly, the schedule was moved up due to an incoming storm so my plan fell apart a bit. As we were driving away from the entrance feeling a bit downtrodden that we'd missed it, the fireworks display began and we had a perfect view from the nearby park. Hubs sweetly said that he liked it better than the original plan:) Dessert was at home...while we watched the video of old family photos made for our rehearsal dinner.

I love marriage. It was good to celebrate.


Brandi said...

You guys are just the perfect couple. I love reading your posts about yours and David's adventures and romantic little weekends. :) Happy Anniversary!!

amanda said...

Happy early Anniversary, buddy! i love marriage too! thankful to know to godly friends meant for each other! love you!

Kari said...

Happy Anniversary! Doesn't it seem like it should be more than 2 years? Spencer and I will celebrate 2 years in December, but I already feel like we've been married longer than that! (in a good way) :)