Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Excellent Wife?

Lindsey and Andy left on Monday after we spent the morning shopping on Frankfort. I'd been having so much fun that I just didn't think about the book review due for class on Tuesday...and the reading that is required in order to review it.

Let's just say that Monday night was a lesson in speed reading. Finally on Tuesday afternoon, with just 40 pages left in the book, a friend mentioned to me that the book wasn't due until the following week. I checked the class schedule. Yep. There I was ignoring my husband and being anything but the excellent wife while trying to finish it up...and I had a whole week before it was actually due.

I may go back and read some of the chapters this week....It's another book I'd highly recommend. Undoubtedly the most biblical and thorough book on the topic that I've ever read. It's chocked full of Scripture...that is used within the context and applied appropriately.

At least if I'm going to mis-read a syllabus, I'm glad it wasn't due last week.


Brandi said...

I LoVe this book! I haven't had a chance to finish it yet. Some little thing called Isaiah has kept me from it. :) It is wonderful and, like you said, chock full of scripture and info.

Lee said...

I own this book, but have only skimmed it. You've encouraged me to dig in.