Thursday, September 17, 2009

I heart BBC.

To me, coffee in the morning and the 10 O'Clock news each evening is basically a sign that you're an adult. At 29, neither are a habit for me. I'm not sure what that means.

I do have an early morning addiction that has developed over the past year though that makes me feel a bit more grown up. This is primarily in response to the awareness that WW III could be going on across town and David and I would be oblivious to it. I've never been much on local news which in my mind equates to a report on last night's murder and the latest recall of the trampoline that could injure your child (if they happen to jump on it from the 3rd floor of your house.)

My news love? BBC. The main page is major world events of the day. Click on a story and the sidebar becomes news arranged by region. My particular favorite feature is at the top of the news story. A 60 second clip of the BBC World Minute. I like to know the headlines...and then have the resources to delve further into a story if I want to know more. I really like the World Minute.

Then, of course, there are the sidebar stories. Today it was the announcement of the world's tallest man. I found this story particularly interesting. How could you not?

"At 8ft 1in (2.47m), Sultan Kosen, from Turkey, is about 4in (10cm) taller than previous title-holder Bao Xishun.

The 27-year-old's hands measure 10.8in (27.5cm) and his feet 14.3in (36.5cm).

Mr Kosen, whose height is due to the medical condition pituitary gigantism, said he hoped his new-found fame would bring him love for the first time.

"The first thing I want to do is have a car that I can fit in, but more than that I want to get married," he said.

"Up until now it's been really difficult to find a girlfriend. I've never had one, they were usually scared of me. I'm hoping now I will find one."

He went on: "Hopefully now that I'm famous I'll be able to meet lots of girls. I'd like to get married." "



Kari Plevan said...

The BBC News Hour plays on NPR every morning at 9:00am. I listen to it on my commute a lot. You should check it out. I'm sure you could listen on NPR's website to a live stream. Fun fun1

Spencer and Kari said...

That is such a sad story :( I hope someone will marry that man...surely there's a 7ft woman out there who needs a husband. I wonder if he cares if she's from Turkey. Spencer and I love BBC too. He reads it regularly. I am not very good about reading news...I like to see it. we don't have cable, but we can pick up PBS/KET most nights and it comes on at 10pm I think every night.

Lee said...

I was fairly certain BBC meant the British Broadcasting Corporation and not the BBC of your youth. Oh, I make it a point to watch the 10 o'clock news as little as possible. Local news is usually about one thing only here in Memphis: who shot who.

Lee said...

(I know it's really who shot whom, but I believed it sounded pretentious) =)