Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

The old college crew came to Louisville this weekend to keep tradition with our Labor Day rituals.

Let me tell you about those traditions:

Barry takes pictures. Thankfully so, mine are all a bit fuzzy.

We eat and eat and eat. Basically the only thing that is planned...is mealtime. We ate a LOT.

We did our best to spend as much time together as possible. In order to ensure that we didn't miss a thing...David and I camped out on Leslie's 3rd floor balcony. Actually, this only lasted one night. It was fun...for a night.

We play games. The name game, mafia, Catch Phrase and Scrabble Apple were the games of choice this weekend. The name game and mafia are staples for Labor Day weekend.

Every year before departure, we hit the closest Cracker Barrel and take the edge off the sadness of parting with hash brown casserole, biscuits and honey.

Here's to the next serving of hash brown casserole. It was a happy Labor Day.

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Claire said...

Yes, my parents are riding motorcycles! Well, my mom rides with my dad so that she can spend time with him...I'm sure it wouldn't be her choice. Are you coming with David this weekend? I'll be there Friday night but have to leave early on Saturday b/c I'm on call.