Monday, September 21, 2009

The Nina and the Pinta

I wanted to show Lindsey and Andy the sights of Louisville on Sunday afternoon (actually David really wanted to give them a driving tour). In spite of the gloomy weather, we headed downtown. As we drove down by the Ohio River we noticed a sign: The Nina and the Pinta. That's right, folks. The pilgrims were in Louisville this weekend. We didn't pay the $7 entry fee to look on board these replicas...though it was tempting. You just never know what you'll find docked in the Ohio, do you?

Sunday night we took them to Spinelli's Pizza. It's a slightly shady paper plate/no utensils restaurant on trendy Bardstown road. David was glad to have Andy along to ensure that he could get half of a meatlovers pizza and I was grateful for a sis who also goes for the Veggie half:)

The first time we went to Spinelli's we met our old college minister and some others from his church who were in town for the Southern Baptist Convention. Our neighbor had recommended it to us and so we passed along the recommendation...not quite knowing what it was like. There we sat, in Sunday skirts and pastor suits, underneath a life sized painting of Burt Reynolds...not nearly clad and lying on a bear skin rug smoking a cigarette. It's quite a place, old Spinelli's. The pizza is great though.

I do love my sister. Now wasn't that sweet of them to drive 6 hours just for a day and a half? It was. I miss 'em already!

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linz said...

i miss you too!!! we had a great time!