Friday, September 11, 2009

Predictable Plaid

This morning David left for Mississippi. He is speaking at a college conference this weekend...and I am wishing I were on my way down South to hear him! The office I work for is having a 5K this weekend of our biggest in Louisville I remain.

David is a creature of habit. A man of systematic thought and action. He has a detailed theory for just about everything he does.

Travel is no exception. Since the introduction of baggage fees, David's made an art of fitting all he could possibly need into his carry on bags so he won't have to pay that extra $15. This at times requires meticulous packing and liquid measurement. It is no problem for him though. Such meticulous work is like playing a game to him.

One other mysterious travel quirk of his: the blue plaid shirt.

When David left for Peru for two years, he travelled in his plaid shirt. When I met him at the airport two years later after his jungle stint, he was wearing his plaid shirt. In the airport pictures, it's hard to tell if he's coming or going unless someone else is in the pic with him. He now calls it his travel shirt and wears it whenever possible on flights.

Predictability is sometimes just as entertaining and amusing as spontaneity.


Candace said...

I agree... I like predictability!

Paul said...

This post kinda makes your husband sound Superstitious, but the fact that he is flying on Sept. 11 proves that he is not!!!

Andy said...


amanda said...

so funny! did you do the 5k, buddy? how was it? i want you to know, and i know you probably can't believe this, but i did the same thing about trying to fit everything into a carry on bag last weekend. now we were just going for an overnight trip, but you know me and my shoes. we even shared a carry-on bag! amazing, i know! :)

Claire said...

Wish you could have been there too! We missed you.

Spencer and Kari said...

Is that an old man shirt David's wearing? :)