Friday, September 4, 2009

Roses in my Hand?

Who sings the song? I can't remember? But one line is etched in my memory. If I've heard it correctly he's asking his girl "Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?" Would that be enough to keep your heart?

When I hear it, sometimes I just think "Well, if my hub wants to fall asleep with roses in his hand, that'd be just fine with me." I like gifts. Flowers, balloons, chocolate, sweet love notes. My emotive little heart is certainly swayed by such offerings.

Then I My girl-expectations of my husband are sometimes just that high. Wake up next to me every morning with roses in your hand. Romance me unceasingly. Match my moods. Read my mind. Meet my needs before I need. Center your whole life around me, basically.

Poor guy. I bet sometimes he wishes I wasn't such a fan of chic flicks.

Well, let me just say that dear hub, though he already has my heart, has pretty much woken up with roses/daisies in his hand this week. Every morning when I walked blurry-eyed into the den to have a few quiet moments before the day, some gift or offering of love has been waiting for me. Chocolate, balloons, flowers, notes with all the cheesy gushy things I like. He entitled it "I Love Laura Week." It's not our anniversary. It's not my birthday. He's not trying to make up for some marital tiff. He's just that sweet.

I love that husband of mine.

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B Nettles said...

David is such a great romancer. I hate him (in a good way). He makes the rest of us look awful. Now I ask you: is that very loving of him? I think not. David, stop this behavior right now.

Laura, don't get angry when he stops.