Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star Bird Pottery

After almost two years in Louisville, I'm still finding treasures throughout the city. This weekend I discovered the eclectic Mellwood Art Center. They hosted a fall art fair...tents full of crafty creations. Confession: I went twice this weekend!

There was one booth in particular that I unashamedly loved. I've developed a small obsession with birds over the past year. I like the bird motif that is floating about these days. Star Bird Pottery by Caroline Zama, quite simply, caught my heart. Her pottery is completely whimsical. In my very uneducated opinion, that's hard to do with pottery.

I was tempted to pre-order a set of Wise Men for Christmas...but to husband's relief, I refrained. Not limited to her little birdies, she also had a great selection of hand built vases.

Seriously, how wonderful would it be to pour your salt and pepper from one of these little ones?

She hosts Ladies Clay Night classes every now and then where you can learn to fashion your very own bird! (starbirdpottery@yahoo.com)

Hubs. This is an official hint for a birthday gift:)


Lee said...

O, how I love birds!

amanda said...

Awesome find! I want to go there sometime!