Thursday, September 24, 2009

the thoughts in my head.

This weekend we are celebrating (a little early)our 2 year anniversary. David is planning a surprise night o fun for me on Friday and on Saturday night, it's my turn. He's been trying to get the plan out of me all week, so of course, I can't post about it quite yet.

There seem to be a lot of spiders in Louisville these days. We have lots of webs on our street. Earlier this week, a jumping spider was in the car with me. This caused quite a commotion. Last night I dreamt about spiders. That was really unfortunate. I dislike spiders. Thankfully, Africa was a buffer for me in this fear. At least the spiders here aren't the size of my head.

I'm so glad fall is here. The leaves are starting to turn various shades of yellow. Someday soon I'm going to make myself a cup of apple cider and sip it while I bake spice cake. My mamaw told me caramel icing goes well on a spice cake. She suggested that I put chopped apples in the cake. This sounds delicious to me.

I've been trying to make a video project on my computer. This requires me to edit music down to the right time frame. Sometimes projects like that bring out more anger than I knew I had in my little heart. I had to stop half way through and have a quiet time.

These are some of the thoughts in my head this morning. Thankfully, there are a few more in there that are a bit weightier. But I'll save that dialogue for another day.

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