Friday, October 2, 2009

10 is a significant number.

David and I are headed to Memphis this weekend for his 10 year reunion! Last year before we went home for mine, I spent some time on
In keeping with tradition, here are a few photos in honor of David's 10 Year as well!

ECS Homecoming? yeah, right!

I am looking forward to a weekend watching my hub reconnect with some of the guys he grew up with at ECS. Our Louisville friends, the Boevings graduated with us respectively - Laurin and I in '98 and David and Aaron in '99. Who'd have known 10 years later we'd all be in Louisville?

Aaron actually played for a band in high school. Laurin, does this bring back warm memories?

Happy 10 Year Reunion, Hubs!


Laurin said...

Laura. Laura. Laura. HILARIOUS!

amanda said...

That is awesome! i was going to say, wow, you have really let your hait grow out! you need to put the one from the singing tree of you and dave on here!

Lee said...