Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lift n Lunch

One of my favorite parts of the week are the days when I meet up with my friend Erin for what she so appropriately calls "Lift n Lunch." We tote our gym bags over to the Rec Center from our offices (ah, the joy of working in a place with a built in gym!) and go up to the weight room for 30 minutes. Then, weather permitting, we sit at a patio table afterward and eat our lunches.

Why is Lift n Lunch such a motivator for me?

I hate to lift weights by myself for the following reasons:

a. cardio's my thing.
b. there's so little immediate gratification.
c. sweatless work outs aren't very satisfying to me.
d. the body builders in the weight room who are bench pressing my body weight somehow make me feel a bit weak...with my 5lb weights in hand.
e. if i use the machines i take all the weight off because usually lifting the bar is just about it for me. this i find humiliating.
f. deciding what to do with hand weights is more difficult for me than greek.
g. i get the same feeling that those biking shorted blurs give me, i'm just waiting for someone to come up and tell me i'm doing it wrong and i should just stop.

Lift n Lunch takes so much of the pressure off.

1. I know that we can only stay for 30 minutes - no pressure to get the most out of my trip to the gym.
2. Erin is a pro at weight lifting. I don't have to decide what to do with the hand weights, I just follow her lead.
3. I am so busy talking to Erin that I don't notice the man bench pressing my body weight.
4. I actually have the satisfaction of knowing that I'm building muscle. Today I am sore. Yep. Got a little sting in my arms.

I do love Lift n Lunch.