Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Quarantine

My apologies for my long delay from the blogging world. I know you've all been on the edge of your seats to know what's going on in the Dawkins house. We've been quite the tragic comedy this week.

Last week, after a ridiculous string of events, the long awaited trip to Indianapolis was sadly cancelled. Not even a t-shirt to show for it.

I spent the weekend researching for a paper...that was due this past Tuesday. David spent the weekend trying to recover from a bad cold. As I've mentioned before, he is a terribly pitiful sickling. So sweet, kind, thoughtful... and pitifully dazed. He drinks orange juice by the gallon and carries a Nalgene around with him everywhere he goes.

As I had a big week coming up at work...and obviously with that 10 pager that I'd procrastinated on....he quarantined himself in hopes that I wouldn't catch it.

Yes. He did.

By Saturday, he was wearing a face mask when he came out of his room to talk to me. He set up camp in the dining room (our spare bedroom for those who are familiar with our beloved air mattress:). He even slept there a few nights. He lysoled door handles and gave me facts about the longevity of germs on apparel and surfaces.

Thankfully, the quarantine is over now. The paper is completed. And life is resuming a level of normalcy for which I am grateful!


Spencer and Kari said...

I actually had been wondering about you! You update almost every day, which I love :) David's so funny. Glad you didn't catch the cold and got that huge paper done. I don't envy that one bit! By the way, we have 'started the process' with the Board. We are supposed to meet with the consultant sometime during the week of November 16th. We probably can only stay for the day, but I'll definitely be stopping by your office :)

Tamara said...

All the more reason to get your flu shots!!!

Beth said...

I am laughing about the face mask. Sweet David.