Monday, October 12, 2009

Weathered Friendships

This weekend a few friends from the deep South made the trek up to Louisville. It was so sweet to have them around for a couple of days. All of us went to college together at MC and hung out in the same little group of friends. Stacey once told me that she thinks the reason why our college experience was so rich is that within our circle of close friendships, there was such a beautifully complete representation of the gifts of the body of Christ. We were all wonderfully different in our giftings and yet bound together in love for Christ. What a gift that a few gathered in Louisville this weekend.

In honor of Leslie's birthday, we surprised her at Shiraz for lunch!

This little Mediterranean restaurant just down Frankfurt Avenue is one of my favorite places to eat in Louisville. Delicious. And the company couldn't have been better..

We went to a little Fall Festival in Clifton after lunch. They had large inflatable fun, free food, a cake walk (which no one from our crew won, despite our good odds!), and a cartoon artist....

Tamara and I were roomies when I lived in Jackson, MS for a few years after college. I loved living with her and we got to know each other quite well. Yesterday we played "The Name Game" and 3 out of 3 times Tamara guessed my name right off the bat. I thought they were such clever names too. I even used Tebow because everyone knows I don't watch football...EVER. She still guessed it on the first round. In fact, the last name we picked was the same very random name. Now that's just plain weird.

Sweet weekend.


Beth said...

That's so fun. Love the last picture of you. :) Want to have lunch this week?

cbd said...

what's the name game?

Wren said...

Do tell about the name game, I forgot how to play!!!