Friday, November 6, 2009

Bluffed by the Peak

Sometimes when you hike, the peak of the mountain bluffs you a bit. You're climbing your heart out, you turn a corner and see a ridge that you're sure must be the top of this beast. All your adrenaline kicks in and you truck it up what you think must be the final few yards only to find that it was just a ridge. There's another steep incline ahead that you couldn't see from your lower position. And so you take a breath, gaze at the view that is getting better and better, and shuffle your hiking boots again - trying to regain your motivation.

For 48 hours, I was as excited as I would be just before I see the next challenge over that ridge. I seemed to be reaching the peak of morning sickness. My food was remaining firmly in its proper place. My energy level was such that the gym became my friend again. I did not look with too much disgust into our pantry.

I was getting ready to throw a party to celebrate. I called family and friends last night to tell them the good news. When I woke up this morning, I hopped out of bed and went to fix my own breakfast. (Dear hubs usually brings oatmeal to me in bed before I make any movements.) But alas, it was all a bluff. I soon discovered that I was once more laying motionless on our couch clinging to my trash can.

Nonetheless, I'm shuffling my boots once more and hoping that this next ridge is the peak of the mountain. The hike is always worth the view from the peak. I think it just may be in sight!


Spencer and Kari said...

Even as bad as morning sickness is it's a good sign that everything is going well and the baby is healthy. I remember those days too when I didn't feel as bad and actually worried that something might be wrong with the baby! :)

Spencer and Kari said...

Hope that didn't sound unsympathetic! I know it sure is rough...hang in there. Praying that soon nausea and vomitting will be a thing of the past!

BrandAshley said... this an announcement?? I had no idea! Congrats!!!

BrandAshley said...

ok, I'm crazy, I just scrolled down and found the announcement!! I'm so happy for you!!!!! :)

Lee said...

Girl, mine went on for 17 weeks. I feel your pain. And Josh made my breakfast for weeks, too. If I made a move first thing in the morning, it was all downhill! I know it doesn't seem like it, but eventually you will probably feel good again =) I know some people have the sickness through the whole pregnancy, but I hear about that a lot less than those who just have it for a few weeks =)

Brandi said...

You will reach that peak, I promise! It will get better soon. I was so sick I couldn't think straight, but my little bundle of joy was/is worth every nausea pain...every pound gained...every blemish...and every time I had to go to the hospital. I wouldn't change it one bit! :) Praying you will feel better soon, Momma!

Kelly Brasher said...

Sweet Laura, You have such a way with words. It is always so fun figuring out what is really going on in your world. Just so you know, while I am praying for the Yuks to cease, I am also praying for a healthy one. So don't panic when it stops. All is still well with the little one, I'm sure. (Ha! I'm one to talk - I didn't sleep a wink the first time Quinten slept all night! Same thought process - different stage.) Love you bunches!!!