Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girly Details

A few gals have asked for a bit more detail on the happenings of the 1st trimester with Baby Dawkins. If you don't care, I understand! Read no further. If you happen to want to know about my pregnancy food inclinations, etc...read on.

When did you first suspect?

This little one was a delightfully welcome surprise in God's perfect timing, thus I wasn't paying attention in particular but I started to notice some odd happenings in my fairly predictable body. My first big tip off was during my long training run with Laurin for the 1/2 Marathon. I like to run. I thrive on running. We got to mile 4 and all that was going through my head was..."quit, quit, quit. just let her keep going. you're too tired for all this." And finally at mile 5 I gave in to the feeling and walked for a little while. Odd. Just seemed a little odd. Two days later the pregnancy test was undeniably positive and it seemed to make perfect sense.

How did you tell David?

Nothing spectacular or creative. I had 30 minutes at home between work and a meeting. I'd felt tired and sick all day...and just kept thinking "surely not. i'll just take a pregnancy test to get the suspicion off my mind. maybe i'm just getting sick." So I didn't tell ole hub and when those little lines appeared I ran into the kitchen to get him in utter shock. Then, we screamed a lot.

On Morning Sickness

I haven't had morning sickness. I've had all day sickness. It does begin when I roll over for the first time in the morning but continues to appear at unpredictable interludes throughout the day. I'm averaging 2-3 trash can occurrences per day right now. Perhaps 45% of my waking hours are spent with that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hate food. If I could take it intravenously right now, I would. Sometimes I crave Doritos...but sometimes I craved Doritos before I was pregnant. This I consider to be a sign that all is healthy and normal with the little pea. Perhaps the embarrassment of sprinting down the hallway at my office to the bathroom is preparation for the many, many moments to come in which I'll find that parenthood opens the door to more social awkwardness than I previously imagined?

Boy or Girl?

David is thoroughly convinced (with no medical evidence) that I am carrying his first born son - a strong a sturdy lad with whom he can frolick about jungles and wrestle alligators. My confession is this: as much as I would like a sweet little girl to bedazzle with homemade bows the size of her head and other crafty creations that would make me squeal with delight, in my gut (once again with no medical evidence) I think David is right. And of course, I have to give the disclaimer - we'll gladly and gratefully take either one:)

Surely that's enough for now (Laura imagining you yawning)...more to come though, no doubt:)


Candace said...

Loved all the girly details! Thanks for sharing them!

Stacey Hays said...

Obviously I love all the details, since I share mine weekly. I'm so sorry that you've been sick. Hopefully, it will pass soon. I had much more energy the 2nd trimester.

Brandi said...

Ohhhh, thank you so much for posting this, Laura! I have been wanting to ask you how everything came about. It will be the most amazing time of your life!!

I also had "all day" sickness. Ginger Ale does help (Ale-8 is the best!), and I found that sour candies also helped (Lemonheads, Nerds, etc.) I pray you start to feel better soon!

And just to let you know....I knew Isaiah was a boy all along. :)

Beth said...

Love the details! Keep them coming! I will stock my house with mini-bags of Doritos for you. :)

Manda said...

Kevin and I were totally sure we were expecting a boy too...and several months later Lucy arrived. :)

Claire said...

Love this post. Sorry you have had the experience of day sickness. I have this feeling that I will experience that as well should I be blessed with a child one day. Can't wait to hear more of your chronicles of pregnancy.

Robin said...

Please share ALL the girly details! So fun! I am sorry you're so sick. It should pass in the 2nd trimester. And I just KNEW that I was having a girl when I was pregnant with Sam, but lo and behold I had a son. I definitely recommend NOT finding out the sex till he/she is born. It is such fun to save that surprise!!