Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Speck in My Eye

Before I went to Africa, I saved up my hard earned dollars and bought a Canon Rebel used from my friend Barry. It was one of the best investments I've made. I love my Rebel and it's seen as many sights in our few short years together as a little lens could hope to focus in on.

On my last trek to Africa, I distinctly remember changing lenses in a particularly dusty spot and thinking to myself "Pretty sure I just put African soil on the inside of my camera." Indeed, I did. Consequently, for the past few years, I've had a nasty little black spot on most my pics to which my eye gravitates immediately when I look at my pictures. A lot of times, I try to edit it out...which works fairly well. Nonetheless, I've found it quite frustrating.

This week, a friend asked me to take a few shots for their family prayer card as they are scheduled to leave for the mission field in the next couple of months. The request brought that little black speck fresh into my mind. I called a camera repair shop and was ready to give in and fork over my fun money for a speck free camera again. Monday night though, I decided to try to fix it myself before taking it in to the store. I got out the handy manual and carefully opened the internal lens and shutter. There it was!!! I could see a little piece of African sand leftover from my final safari affixed to the reflector. Against my manual's instructions, I opted to go with a q-tip and try to get that obstruction out myself. (Do not try this at home.) And guess what?

It wOrKed?!?!?!

I never fix things. But I fixed my dear little rebel and took that speck right out of his eye!

The fact that I am blogging about it, I suppose, makes it obvious enough that I was quite excited about my success!!!

And the photo shoot...very fun. And I actually liked looking at the speck-free pictures afterward:)


Lee said...

love it! and aren't you glad it wasn't a log?

Beth said...

That is awesome! Aren't you glad (that it wasn't a log and) that you didn't take it to someone else and pay money?!?!? Proud of you. :)