Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Splash and Kick

At Mississippi College, though I didn’t realize it at the time the water programming was top notch. They’ve since won awards. My freshman year I took Deep Water Running with Rebekah, Marjo and Michael P. It was, to put it mildly, ridiculous. We weren’t exactly the most serious students in the class. We watched under water videos of Ms. Smith in a black wet suit so we were sure to get the moves correct. I once almost drowned because, in hopes of getting a really great work out, I put ankle and wrist weights on that apparently weighed more than my body mass. The theme for the class? When water moves, miracles happen. And so they do. Truth be told, I enjoyed it so much that I did indeed take another water exercise class as an elective in my time at MC. I think Rebekah took Karate that semester. We were pretty cool in college.

Last night I went to the Water Aerobics at the Seminary. I’ve gone to the class 2-3 times before in our years here to stretch out muscles when I’m sore or get some cross training into my routine. The reality is, I hate swimming. If you’ve ever seen me swimming, you know why. I look like a fish flailing about in the water. I can only turn my head to one side to get breath because I always swallow water on the other side. And though I did indeed have my life guard certification at one point, it is always necessary for me to hold my nose when jumping in a pool. I can’t dive. Thus, Water Aerobics is a compromise for me. Apparently, water work outs are just perfect for pregnant gals. Since this whole keep-your-heart-rate-below-140 business has put a serious cramp in my running style (along with the fact that I prefer my couch over pavement these days), I’m trying to diversify.

So honestly, I have an attitude toward the water aerobics class. I’m-too-hard-core-for-this is rolling around in my brain as I put on my tacky one piece. How hard can it be? How much are you really building by lifting foam weights under water? What is accomplished by a leg kick in the shallow end? Can riding a noodle like a horse across the pool really count as cardio? Really?

The humbling reality of pregnancy is: I was out of breath in water aerobics in the first 20 minutes.

But the worse truth is that by the time I got home from class at 10pm, I realized that I had pulled some sort of muscle…in water aerobics. David was laughing hysterically as I tried to stretch it out. I guess I shouldn’t have been so hard core during those shallow end leg kicks. They’re too advanced for me these days.

Pride before the fall.


Candace said...

I seriously laughed out loud... more than once. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the deep water running reference. I often try to explain the hilarity of that weekly situation (namely, running across campus in my black one piece and towel...WHAT was i thinking?) SO..i too, am pregnant and due in June, and will be joining a water class...i will think of you often!!
marjolabonte @ gmail
email me!

Beth said...

This made me smile. :) Looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

Brandi said...

I loved water aerobics! I actually didn't do it the entire time I was pregnant, but wish I had. Water aerobics is actually how I lost most of my weight before I got pregnant. Paired with WW, I would lose 3+ pounds per week just by going twice. You'll get used to it!