Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Big Apple, Part II: Broadway

For those of you who have been around us much at all, you are likely aware that we love to go to the theatre. When a friend calls to tell us about a great deal on tickets to a musical around town, or when we read about a way to get student tickets to a show, if we have any "fun money" left in our little envelope, we're easily tempted. Thus, perhaps the biggest pull of New York for us was the hope of finding a deal on tickets to a Broadway musical. We set our ambitions high and at the risk of great disappointment, stalked the web for ways to get into Wicked on our budget.

We found that for each show, the theatre draws 13 names from a lottery of people who arrived 2.5 hours before the show to put their name in the hat. Those 13 can purchase 2 front row seat tickets for only $26.50 - an absolutely amazing deal! We hit the theatre upon arrival Saturday night to find ourselves surrounded by perhaps 150 others with similar ambition. Our hopes faded quickly as the names were drawn. We didn't make the list so we headed off on a tour of the NYC Christmas lights that evening. We returned the next day for our last chance - the 3pm show on Sunday. We arrived and found that the weekend crowd had apparently flown out that day. Only about 40 people were in the line on Sunday afternoon. David's name was the first one chosen!!!

We prepared ourselves as we entered the theatre for the catch to be a heavily obstructed view. No such catch. We were front and center section. When they sang their solos, I could reach out and touch their feet. It was unbelievable! We were SO grateful!!! The lots fell in pleasant places:)

We haven't stopped humming the tunes yet!

On Monday, we tried to talk the box office at The Majestic into giving us a student deal or last minute purchase price for The Phantom of the Opera but apparently they don't make deals:) We headed over to The Amsterdam Theatre and found great seats at a student rate for Mary Poppins. The show was great...and the sets were absolutely amazing. They had houses dropping down out of the ceiling and people popping through the floor. It was a lot of fun and David was a good sport to consent to see it:)

Now...if you're not tired of reading yet, I'll tell you why I love Broadway stars so much. Their voices are incredibly trained, their acting skills are impeccable, the musical selections require a combination of emotion and force that are incomprehensible to me. When I hear them, I wonder if that's a little closer to what we'll sound like when we praise God with our song in the perfection of heaven. Broadway singers could be doing a dozen different things with their amazing talent ... many of which would no doubt cause their names to be more well known. But they've chosen Broadway. I admire their artistry. I admire them for trading in the screaming fans and paparazzi of modern American singers for polite clapping and a live (unbroadcasted) theatre that preserves an amazing art form.

We were not disappointed with New York's theatres.


Claire said...

Laura, that's awesome!!! Those are the exact shows we saw when we went. Loved them.

Kari Plevan said...

favorite one so far!!! I CANNOT believe you saw WICKED on Broadway for $26 a person. AMAZING. :)