Friday, December 11, 2009

The Big Apple: Part III

You Get What You Pay For...sometimes

Our budget for New York was, shall we say, minimal. Thus, after perusing guidebooks and Internet sites, we made a few choices that we hoped would help us lower our costs in the city. The main one: after looking at hotels and hostels on faithful Lonely Planet, we decided to book a room at the Manhattan YMCA. For the city, it was dirt cheap. But David and I have both spent our share of nights in shady hostels and hotels while traveling. I confess that it's been a few years for me now though. I almost forgot my flip flops for the shower, and a few other hostel essentials. We checked in and found the Manhattan Y to be as centrally located as we could have possibly hoped for...only a 10 minute walk from Times Square. As for the room, David put it this way: "Well, Laura, you get what you pay for." We payed for a 7x10 block of quiet, dry, warm space with bunk beds, a dresser, a chair and a shared bathroom with water that wasn't quite hot enough.

Ok. So, it wasn't exactly the Waldorf Astoria, but since we were really only there to sleep and shower, it worked great for us...and our budget at $95 a night. (Quite a steal even in the hosteling world in Manhattan.)

It was home sweet home for 3 nights and well worth the inconveniences. I'd rather spend my time at the theatres anyways:)


Spencer and Kari said...

wow...the room was really $95 a night? It's been 10 years since Ive been to NYC. Didn't realize things were so pricey now. Looks like it'll be a while before Spencer & I can make it (he's never been). I went with my high school choir...we sang at Carnegie Hall and got to see Phantom at the Majestic (definitely an awesome experience!) So glad you guys got to make the trip...looks likeyou had fun as usual :)

brienne said...

Laura, When I went to NYC last month for the marathon I stayed in The Hotel Carter. You can almost see time square from the rooms. It was only $110 a night. You had a king size bed and your own bath. You definitely needed the shower shoes and there was no expectation of room service but hey, I was in Times Square in NYC for $110 a night. I, like you guys, were not in the room often. After all, you don't go to NYC to sit in a hotel room! Glad you guys had do much fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

ha! that room makes me think of our adventures. now, i know where i can stay in nyc. is there an age limit to stay there?