Monday, December 21, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Snow. I love snow.

Admittedly, it was only a light dusting, but I was absolutely delighted to wake up and find that on this Monday morning of Christmas week...there was a little white fluff on the ground.

I took a picture of this bench because it looked a little "fuller" than some other spots.

I love to have a poinsettia in our yellow kitchen at this time of year. When we first moved to Louisville (two years ago this January!), to my mom's dismay, I lugged a leftover Christmas poinsettia in the car with us. The leaves tickled her neck the entire time. I couldn't give it up though. For those who know my luck with plants, you'll understand that any plant that makes it through 2 months in my house has my utmost respect and affection. Poinsettias are sturdy, and that's one of the reasons I love them. This picture is of one I bought before Thanksgiving to add a little Christmas cheer. I've forgotten to water until this weekend. But does it look mopey? Of course not. Poinsettias have a healthy constitution and flourish in neglected environments. We're friends.

A few months ago at a craft fair, a friend was selling little aprons...especially for tiny girls. Of course, I couldn't help but think of those little Boeving sweeties and their play kitchen set. I decided to try my hand at it this weekend and presented them with the aprons as a Christmas gift. I love the way they turned out. And the girls immediately put them on and served me "tea"! (Ok. So what if 5 minutes was all over:) Definitely a new found favorite gift for little girls!

Merry Week-of-Christmas!


Dawn said...

Love the aprons...also had a very vivid dream about you last had twins... you told the dr you were "the luckiest girl alive."

Well then I thought it was a sign that I was going to get pregnant with twins and have three under three..I almost started hyperventilating. :)

Kari Plevan said...

The aprons are so precious Laura. They look great!

Good job. Have a good time away with fam. Merry Christmas.