Thursday, December 3, 2009

In the 16th Week...

A little pregnancy update for all you gals out there.

Fat Clothes:
Little Dawkins seems to be growing by leaps and bounds these days...or at least my stomach is. My pre-pregnancy obsession with ab work is no more and it's beginning to show. The scale is only tipping about 3 or 4 pounds more than I was back in August but it seems that some of my weigh must have shifted to give me a baby belly. I'm not in maternity clothes yet...but I'm wearing my "fat clothes." (I know you all have them - pants a size or two larger that you reserve for the day after Thanksgiving and after that week on the couch eating milkshakes:) I don't think I really look pregnant yet though to those who don't know..I just look like I've "grown."

The Sad/Happy News:

I had a great week last week. It seemed that my consistent need for a trash can was subsiding. My energy level was up. I had fewer aversions to normal foods. I was hopeful. I was very hopeful.

Sadly, this weekend I seemed to regress a bit though. My symptoms are back...though thankfully not quite as strong. David has renewed pity for me...which is sweet.

How much longer can this really last? I mean. Really.

Happily, I'm discovering a few more foods that I actually like to eat. I purchase frozen strawberries in bulk now and could eat one at any moment with joy. Triscuits are my new BFF...which is a total mystery to me because even now when I try to swallow wheat bread or any other grainy food, my swallower just stops working.

Most Exciting Moment of the Week:
I get most of my medical information from the internet (which my doctor loves;). I read that this week I might just start to feel the little pea moving around in there. Sure enough, last night I was sitting at the table while doing some reading and thought I felt a little flip. I waited a few minutes and gave my stomach a good poke. A bigger flip. I waited a few minutes and did it again. Another big flip. He might be a kicker.

That Husband of Mine

Not long after we found out that I was pregnant, good ole Rebekah sent me an article from a psychology journal about a disorder some men develop during pregnancy. These empathetic men actually begin to have the physical symptoms of pregnancy. Some gain weight. Others feel nauseated. They may experience emotional instability.

Only Rebekah would find such an article. We thought it was hilarious and anytime David's been the least bit sick for the past few months, I've suggested that maybe he is developing this disorder.

This morning I told David that I'd been having a really wild and vivid dream life lately. He immediately responded "Me, too!" I then informed him that the pregnancy website says that vivid dreams are common among pregnant women. He backtracked quickly...."Well, it was just last night that I was really thinking hasn't been common for me." Yeah, right.


Laurin said...

I'm noticing how you keep referring to the baby as "he" or "him". Like I said last night, It's a GIRL!

Brandi said...

Sometimes if you put your hand on your stomach for a few minutes, the baby will kick your hand! It is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. :)

Lee said...

There is an I Love Lucy episode where Ricky has empathetic pregnancy symptoms.

My nausea and aversions didn't fully subside til around 20 weeks. Hang in there. Some aversions lasted til after pregnancy, but overall I felt normal.

Anonymous said...

love this post and that david is pregnant feeling, too! haha. the dreams are OUT Of control vivid and active for me, too. (starring in broadway plays, meeting celebrities, weird) I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well..keep up those water aerobics!

Lori said...

Pregnancy dreams are crazy, sometimes just outright indescribable. Feeling the baby move was my favorite part of being pregnant. My 1st pregnancy I was so excited to eat all the time and then I didn't want to eat anything. Almost all foods made me feel sick. Thank goodness my 2nd pregnancy food tasted so much better. I never had that eat like a crazy pregnant lady thing. I was kind of sad about that.