Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keyara and The Nutcracker

Last night I took Keyara to see The Nutcracker at The Kentucky Center with tickets compliments of Brown-Foreman and BBBS. Every time I take Keyara downtown, I get lost. Every. Single. Time. I'm pretty sure she wonders if I know how to drive. Then, on the way home, ole GPS directed us back to her house using one way streets that were going the opposite direction. Eventually, we made it back to her house. At least we didn't end up across the Ohio River in Indiana this time.

As for The Nutcracker - I enjoyed it far more than I'd anticipated. I love the theatre but admit that, generally speaking, opera and ballet just aren't my thing. We managed to find front row seats and peered into the orchestra pit looking for the flute...which Keyara plays in the band at school, if you'll recall. Our seats were at the perfect angle for watching the happenings back stage as well. Though we were perfectly intrigued by all the beauty right in front of us.

On the way home, I confessed to Keyara that I'd really like one of those tutus that stick straight out. How on earth do they use enough tulle for that to happen? I am tempted to try to make one just to see how it's done. For some reason, she never really said that she wanted a tutu too. She seemed most intrigued by the Russian dancers and the "snow" that we discovered was actually created by a soap sud machine.

I thought that I might manage to have an amazing pregnancy dream about the Sugar Plum Fairy last night as a result of the performance. Instead, I dreamed that one of my colleagues caught a rare lion-like hybrid for the zoo.


Brandi said...

Ohhh, I LOVE the Nutcracker!! It is one of my favorite "shows" ever. The last time I saw it was in Washington, DC when I was in high school. Maybe I can see it here sometime! :)

Kari Plevan said...

Is it ok that my favorite part of that whole post was the last sentence? :)