Thursday, December 31, 2009

Under the Arch

David and are are in Saint Louis this week for a work related trip. We've been pretty tired on our off hours but have enjoyed taking a little time to explore a new city.

The view from our hotel overlooks my favorite St. Louis monument - the Arch. Our plan was to get up early this morning and go up to the top, but sleep won over adventuring.

Yesterday we woke to a wonderfully snowy city. Not too much to shut things down...but just enough to enjoy in the winter cold! I love snow.

One of our favorite parts of the week - a chance for a laid back morning in a cool coffee shop by Washington University with David's sister Lisa and her hubby Brad. After time together in the holiday flurry, it was good to have a few hours to just sit and chat.

After a New Year's celebration tonight, we'll head back to our long abandoned homestead tomorrow. I will be glad to settle in again in our home sweet home.


Laurin said...

We can't wait to have you back in L-ville! = )

Lee said...

Laura, you look SO cute! I love that picture of you and David.

Laura Young said...

looks like a fun trip. our family used to vacation there often and it was always such a fun trip. you look great and your nephews and neices sure are adorable. hope your season was merry!