Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Naming of the Baby

In 8 days we hope to see our little one on the ultrasound monitor. In honesty, though in the beginning we thought it might be a boy, we just have no idea if it is a boy or a girl. Perhaps intuitive mothers can guess these things. I have no clue. And I can hardly wait to know.

On my checklist for the past few months: nailing down a boy name and a girl name. May 2010 will hold enough decisions and excitement for our little family. I want the name decided upon beforehand. I’ve given David until the day of the ultrasound to make the final decision. After that, Laurin and I need to start monogramming!

Though we’re not exactly secretive (in case the fact that my life is on the world wide web doesn’t express that enough), we decided that we would take suggestions for the name from family and friends but we’re not really discussing our short list of possibilities. The naming of a child suggests authority, and as the parents that authority and responsibility is ours….not to be defined by the preferences of others. Names are important. The meaning behind a name is important.

Admittedly, this name selection process has not gone so smoothly in our household.

David searches the internet for a name he likes with a solid meaning behind it….he suggests it…

Laura cringes at the name. Like the meaning, not the sound.

Laura suggests a name which elicits the same response from David.

In the end, it appears that there are very few names we do agree upon. Why didn’t anyone mention when I was naming my children at age 8 that my husband might have an opinion in the matter?

We discuss.

We decide we should take a break from discussing.

We discuss again.

We wonder if we should seek pastoral help in our marriage.

We discuss again. We make headway.

I change my mind.

We discuss.

I change my mind back.

We call out names to the baby and hope he will kick wildly when we say “his” name.

The baby doesn’t move through the entire list. Five minutes after the list, the baby kicks wildly.

And so it goes.

Thankfully...in the past few weeks we've made significant headway and I think we just might make that deadline:)


Laurin said...

Monogramming for Baby Dawkins, here we come! Let's start next Wednesday night,shall we ; ) Whatever the name, it will be wonderful!!!

Brandi said...

So, you are referring to Baby D as a "him".... ;)

Candace said...

We don't even have a baby on the way, but still if I hear a name I like I'll ask D if he likes it as well. 9 out of 10 times he looks at me like I'm crazy. The other time he'll give me an "it's alright." Yes, I can definitely see this won't be an easy road. Let me know how your fun journey ends. These Jerkins will need some help!

In Definition said...

now brandi. just to clarify...my "him" reference is in the more gender neutral vein of mankind. i really just can't stand to refer to the baby as an "it" so i use him:) maybe though...50/50 chance!

Anonymous said...

I think you should go with some alliteration like Dudly Duke Dawkins and then everyone can call him Triple D. If Baby is female you could call her Dorcus Darling Dawkins and just call her Darlin for short!

Your welcome Laura. I do what I can!


Anonymous said...

i agree with stacey!!! dudley seems to roll off the tongue pretty smoothly. ;)

i know one this for sure...it will be awesome and i can't wait to hear!

Anonymous said...

i would also like for you to please excuse my terrible grammar.

Ammi said...

What about family names? That gives meaning and history behind the name. All of my brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews have at least one family name in their name.

Brandi said...

LOL Miss Laura! I know, I know. I was just hinting that there may be a slight chance that he would be a "son of Adam"...Isaiah needs some more "man-friends"!! But if Baby D is a girl, Isaiah may be doing some major swooning... :)

Jennifer said...

I always thought you (Laura) would have a boy with a name like Charles or Wesley - something old school and English... :-)

Beth said...

I can't wait to know!

Lori said...

Naming our girls was hard for us too. The first girl name we had picked out very early in marriage, but as we found out we were having twin girls we spent forever picking a name. I had to have it very early after finding out the sex b/c we had showers early. Like you everyone wanted to monogram. We went to Barnes and Noble and spent lots of time finding a name we could agree on. With our 3rd girl we were clueless. So I posted our like top 6 on our blog and let everyone vote. I made it clear that we are the parents and will make the final call. I didn't pick the top voted name. I fell in love with the 2nd voted name.

Anonymous said...

Sofia or sofie means wisdom.
Aiden means little fire.
Jonathan means God has given.

I know sofie sounds different but I think it is sooo cute for a little girl.
Ella means torch or bright light. You could name all your kids with names that have to do with light.

Or my personal favorites Lindsey or Elizabeth. Those are great names!!!!