Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Past Remembered

In school, history was not among my favorite subjects. In fact, it was right up there with science...the only course I really struggled to wade through in college. My brain just seems to function in literary form rather than dates, numbers and scientific formulas. As an adult, I've often wished I could sit through history class once more. Primarily through biographies, historical novels and intriguing documentaries, various periods of history have taken form and interest. I love to learn from the story of the world, and the lives that continue to shape it. Since reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom and The Diary of Anne Frank in high school, I've been intrigued with the holocaust. I spent a semester in Austria during college...visiting Corrie's house in Amsterdam, walking through the gates of Dachau, and marveling over the beauty of a Germany that I'd always imagined to be as ugly as its past.

This week, as I glanced through headlines on BBC, I noticed the death of Miep Gies -Otto Frank's secretary who helped care for the family during their 2 years in hiding and saved Anne's diary after their deportation by the Nazis in 1944. While only one among thousands who aided the Jews in WWII, her gentle courage and conviction are worth putting in the history books.

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On The Miep Gies website (Photos courtesy this website.)

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