Monday, January 25, 2010

Shout Out Saturday

Keyara is on the dance squad at her school.
Thus bright and early on Saturday morning I made my way to the JCPS middle school dance competitions. It was quite the put it mildly.

Surrounded by pom poms, leotards, and a lot of face glitter, I watched the other schools compete before the hip hop squads took the floor. Yes. Hip-hop. I didn't realize that was a category prior to this experience. Apparently, it is.

In a neon pink top and black leather pants, she danced her little heart out. I even paid $1 to give a "shout out" over the loud speaker and express my support.

Sadly, they were beaten by a squad with black harley jackets on and studded black jeans who danced to songs I have never, ever heard nor will likely ever hear again. It was a dramatic Saturday in the land of dance.

Just in case you're interested, I videoed the groups waiting to hear the awards. Quite a lively bunch.

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