Friday, January 8, 2010

A Sledding Adventure

In the end, the "blizzard" left Louisville with 4 inches or so of powdery snow. As soon as work and class turned us loose, we headed out into the new world for a little sledding action. I admit that after a few rides made the trail we blazed into a speed run, I opted to watch most of the fun from the bottom of the hill. I didn't want little baby d to be too sore today:) We still had a great time! David even pushed me home on the sled.

Another highlight...the return of our original sledding comrades, Nate and Jenni, to Louisville after a year in Australia. It was Nate and Jenni who first proved that 2 adults could ride together on one tiny blue saucer.

After it was all over, we sipped hot chocolate and ate leftover chili. A perfect winter night.

Our sledding adventure include the little Boeving sweeties....bundled into pink marshmallows.

Savannah's inaugural sleigh ride...

Our dear friends, Erin and Michael, joined in the fun this year. They are a bit more northern than us and watched in amazement as I put on 3 pairs of smart wool, 2 scarves, waterproof outer layers, rubber boots, multiple gloves and a variety of other "necessities." As you can see above, I don't dress for style when I sled:)

Sorry for the dark was getting late. David and Aaron get ready to break through the barriers the end, David came home with a bit of a sore backside. He thought he might have to bring a pillow to sit on in class today. Yes, friends, the school is STILL open today...

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