Thursday, January 7, 2010

Treacherous Weather

It's snowing in Louisville. Practically a blizzard.

Ok. Maybe there are 2 inches on the ground.

David and I walked to work this morning in the snow. It seemed like a better idea than clearing off the car.

All I can think about is my little blue saucer that's waiting to take me on a ride this afternoon after work. I keep staring longingly out my window.

I think I get more excited about sledding than kids do. Don't worry. I'm not planning to go down the super hill this year. But at least I can get David to pull me around for a while.

I love snow.

This is my last winter up here in the northern country. I've got to take advantage of every moment.

1 comment:

BrandAshley said...

Are you moving back to TN? I didn't know you were leaving!