Monday, February 15, 2010

Heart to Heart

Friday after work I went to pick up Keyara...who's immensely excited these days because she has a new dog. The dog's name is Cupcake. We headed over to watch those Boeving sweeties so their parents could Valentine one another over dinner. I decided to throw a Valentine's Party.

We made (or attempted to make) heart shaped pizzas.

Formed foil wrappers into hearts to make valentine brownies.

I picked up pink and red balloons and brought paper for them to craft hearts for their moms.

Afterward, Keyara and I went to Walgreens where she picked out some valentine goodness for her mom and siblings.

When I returned home from the night, all I could think was what a mercy of God it is that I'm going to have a boy. I think I might be the kind of mother who'd dye her girls pink for valentine's day, dress them up in all things heart, and spend the day piping them full of sugar. Somehow, I think David will prohibit this kind of behavior with Jude.


Laurin said...

Laura. You even made sure those girls had bows in their hair for the pic. I'm impressed. Very impressed. And I'm also thankful for such a sweetheart of a friend who does things such as these for my girlies!

Stacey Hays said...

I know you will be able to do cute Valentine's things with Jude! Boys are so cute on Valentine's day. My class of 19 boys LOVED the party on Thursday and everything that came with it. Many of them dressed in pink as well.
I loved being able to dress up little Eleanor in a v-day outfit, much to Ryan's dismay : ) I thought she looked pretty cute myself!