Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days

On Tuesday morning, we woke to a white Louisville. The flakes only continued to fall throughout the rest of the day...leaving us with about 7 inches of cold, white beauty on the ground. Consequently, we had a 2 day vacation at our house. After the flurry of the weekend (which I'll blog about soon!) it was great to get some rest and have some time to sit around sippin' hot chocolate.

My favorite activity on our days at home? Since Jude is in a bit of a fragile state currently, a spectacular snow isn't quite as fun as it was or one day will be.... I've given up sledding down the hills for now. David strapped himself down with rope, tied it to the blue saucer, and pulled me around our back driveway for long enough to be out of breath. Seriously, I think it was MORE fun than a hill...probably because I never had to climb back up...and hubs is a fast runner!

My indoor craft for the week? The completion of the little canvas that will go above Jude's bassinet. I love the way it turned out...

Happy Snow Days.


Stacey Hays said...

I love the canvas!

Elizabeth and Drew said... two are so cute! And the canvas is awesome!