Monday, February 1, 2010

A Welcome Week

February is upon us. For me, that means that this week will hold a two unbelievably exciting events.

1. The Followells are a-comin’.

Remember last year when we went to Florida for an incredible trip to Disney over a long weekend? It was incredible for a number of reasons but primarily because we met up with our fine Clinton friends, the Followells. (Of course, it didn’t hurt that we were in Disneyworld either:) Robby put in a hard year’s work earning the title 2009 Best Photographer in Jackson….and is taking February off to refresh his creative juices. Jessica, his beautiful and gifted wife, is undoubtedly among my favorite gals to hang around. She is the uniquely precious combination of a true gentle spirit met with the fire of godly passion. She also happens to be sprinkled with a good bit of just plain fun. They are coming for a visit at the end of this week…and to be honest, we feel just plain honored. I love trips to the Louisville airport like this one. Thank you Southwest for running great deals. Hopefully, we’re beginning a yearly tradition.

2. The Super Bowl = The Colts

(Photo from USAToday.)

I know your jaw may be on the ground but, it’s true. I am excessively excited about watching the Super Bowl this year. No, I have never watched it with any interest before. (Besides the commercials.) Yes, it is possible that I will never watch it with any interest again. But, as a result of the combined efforts of the Boevings and my sweet hub, I’ve taken quite a fancy to those Colts this year. Laurin feeds me personal details of the life of Peyton Manning. David supplies my ignorance with enough football knowledge to navigate the game. I confess that my fondness for an afternoon with my eyes on a blue stained stadium is quite intense these days. I’ve already stocked the pantry with Velveeta and Rotel…and I’m assessing my preggo wardrobe for appropriately blue attire.

Happy February.


Rob said...

I couldn't be more proud of you Laura, haha! Go Colts!

B Nettles said...

Are you going to miss night church to watch it, or do you attend one of those syncrestic congregations that mixes worldly entertainment with Christian duty?

Manning, doing his duty to Nawlins'.