Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Mailbox

Lately, unexpected gifts have been showing up in my mailbox. Monday I arrived home to find these delightful blocks that arrived from the craftiest of all crafters...Sara in Mississippi.

I immediately stacked them by Jude's bassinet so he would know where to sleep when he comes home. The enclosed note said they were her trial run at block making. My trial runs don't usually turn out like that!

Yesterday I came home from a hospital visit to find dear hubs slaving away in the kitchen. He made a delicious stir fry. Pregnancy has its perks:)

I opened the mail to find a gift card to Red Robin. No name. No return address. Just a note saying it was for Dawkins Date Night. Now that was sweet. You know, I can really enjoy a good burger these days. I'm going to call in a hand writing analyst to work on figuring out the mysterious sender though:)

I have quite the delightful mailbox these days.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friendship Expressed

Last night, some of my dearest Louisville gals gathered for a little shower for Jude... who's not so little himself these days....

It was beautiful....



and, of course...

quite delicious!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rescued from Ribbons

Just when I thought all was hopeless and was about to lie down on the floor in a mass of purple ribbon and shimmery programs, Beth showed up at my door.

She threads ribbon faster than anyone I've ever seen.

By 8:30pm I was piling ribboned programs into a bag and feeling overwhelmingly thankful and completely indebted.

Thanks for the rescue, Beth.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 Things on a Tuesday

1. My obsession with strawberries has only been elevated by Spring time. I bought a fresh carton last week for $1.60. 24 hours ago I started eating them. There are about 2 strawberries left now.

2. Right now I am working on two wedding projects...a handwritten invitation for a gal at my church and wedding programs for a college student I've mentored for the past 2 years in Louisville. 400 ribbons need to be woven through holes by Friday. Yikes. Anyone who wants to watch a movie with me invited. As long as you can tie ribbon.

3. This weekend Bear and Amanda came to Louisville for a visit. This makes 3 weekends in a row with Memphis faces's gearing me up for the move this summer!

4. David will be out of town at a wedding for Thunder Over Louisville in April. For those who don't know the wonder of Thunder, it's the largest annual pyrotechnic show in North America and it's amazing. Do you think that 45 minutes of intense fireworks could make me go into labor? David will be 6 hours away...but I think it's worth the risk.

5. I know she's not my child....but I get really excited about any happenings in the Boeving household. Savannah turned 3 this weekend and she was very cute. I bought a princess balloon for the occasion.

6. The trees in Louisville are starting to bud. It won't be long now til there's glory on every corner.

7. I have a 15 page research paper due in April. I'm struggling to pick a topic. These are my final 4 options:
1. The concept of humility in Puritan life and doctrine.
2. Hospitality in the life of a Christian.
3. Life in community – accountability within the local church.
4. Spiritual Disciplines in the life of Puritan, John Bunyan.

8. Sometimes I wish that my little sister still lived in the room beside me. This is one of those weeks. I miss her.

9. I want to write about last week's shower because it was so wonderful and completely thoughtful. Somehow that blog keeps eluding my time frame though.

10. It doesn't seem that this pace will slow for at least another I warn in advance that blogs may be scarce.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mississippi At Our Door

Yesterday two of our favorite Mississippians showed up in Louisville for a little visit. Kayla and Kevin were in Nashville as chaperones on a college mission trip. If that doesn't make me feel old...what could? I was Kayla's chaperone on a trip for the first time when she was in 8th grade. Oh my. They came bearing gifts....

The famous Gigi's Cupcakes I've been reading about for months in the blog world finally made their way into our house.

That may seem like a lot of icing...but with a glass of milk, it's actually almost manageable. All the hype wasn't in vain...I may be trekking out to the Gigi's in Louisville soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flurry and Hurry

The blog has been neglected this week due to an overload of activity on nearly every front of the Dawkins life. I had to stop just for a minute today though and post a few pics from the weekend.

These sweet girls...

...showed a lot of love to Jude.

More when the whirlwind slows....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Memphis Bound

Heading to Memphis this weekend...with a load of winter coats and sweaters to clear out space for little Jude and all his accessories.

It's a strange feeling to know that the next time I make this trek, it will most likely be with Jude and all of our possessions in tow...for a city move.

My life...changing rapidly.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hashbrown Casserole

There aren't many ways to start the day better than this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day by Day

I like areas of life that I can maintain with a twice a year check up or a once a year evaluation. Sometimes I forget that there are basic areas that God has designed me to maintain not on a monthly or weekly basis but day by day. If I sleep for a solid 9 hours on a weekend night, somehow I expect to be able to add those hours on to a Monday night when I get in late and wake up early the next day. This never works. After a short night’s sleep, Tuesday finds me with droopy eyes no matter how much I slept over the weekend. A year’s worth of healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean that if I skip meals or eat junk food, I won’t pay the consequences in my energy level.

Pregnancy seems to have highlighted this awareness of daily maintenance of my body. I wonder why I am tired. Sweet hubs points out that I went to bed too late last night…no doubt as a result of some distracted and seemingly necessary project. I protest…but I slept so much this weekend!

It matters not.

God made me for routine. The sun rises. The sun sets. This earthly life is lived within the time God proportioned for me. He made me to eat each day. He made me to drink each day. These obvious statements are constant reminders to me of my humanity…of my dependency.

I’ve been thinking this week about the parallel between this physical reality and the spiritual. Sunday morning worship isn’t enough to feed my soul. A retreat once a year won’t build the character of Christ in me. I need daily bread from the Word, daily drink from the life giving fountain, daily rest by placing myself consciously in the care of my Saviour. This delving into Puritan literature lately has reminded me that there are no short cuts to true spirituality. Godliness is built day by day.

Give us this day, our daily bread.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air...

This weekend hubs needed to head down to Huntsville for a night to talk a bit about his Peruvian adventures. I decided to hop in the car with him at least until Nashville...where dear old Rebekah met me for a 24 hours of much needed gal time. With both of our families in Memphis, it's rare for David and I to have much extra time when we're in the ole hometown. Thus, I usually just invite Brek to family dinners and such...figuring she's been in my life long enough to count:)

24 hours with ole Brek was pretty much as refreshing as all this sunshine and warm weather that's finally hitting Louisville! What a good weekend.

Don't be fooled...we weren't in the tropics...just strolling through the good ole Opryland Hotel. I was actually quite amazed by the foliage.

Our hotel had an indoor pool. I've heard that swimming makes you feel like you're not pregnant. Unfortunately, the seminary pool's been under construction since December so I haven't had any more water aerobics opportunities. I won't say that getting into a maternity bathing suit made me feel like my old self again...but I definitely enjoyed the water.

Friday, March 5, 2010

On a Friday Night....

This weekend Keyara turns 14. To celebrate, we're having fajitas for dinner followed by a delicious cake. I bought some Tinker bell pamphernalia, a cd and a teeny bopper book from Lifeway that talks about all those subjects I was eager to read about at 14....boys, friends, peer pressure, weight. I admit as I picked it out, I was once more thankful that Jude is indeed a boy.

After the festivities we're heading to the cheap theatre to watch The Princess and the Frog.

I'm hoping it's as cute as it sounds.

I'm Not a Rocker.

Girls! Thank you for all the comments! I found them really helpful actually in spite of the variety of opinions on rocking. In my heart, I must've thought that mothers must rock their babies. Reading that some do, and some don't was great news to me. It put the rocking chair into the preference category not the necessity category.

A side note that somehow the one male comment on the subject wasn't really helpful to me.

"Forget the rocking. It spoils the child and makes them soft. Give the baby a jar of food, a spoon, and put him straight to bed and avoid future problems."

Thanks for trying, Jeff.

This week I took a little time to evaluate what it is that I don't really like about our big green chair. The verdict: it slopes forward.

Why? You may ask? Well friends, our house is old. In order to get an antique window to look even on our credenza, I had to put a 2 inch board under one end. The floor slopes that much.

So last night I had sweet, patient hub put 2 inch blocks under the front feet of the green chair. Noticeable difference. No more I'm-sitting-on-a-hill feeling. David then explained to me that if, after Jude's arrival, we discover that I am a rocking kind of mom, we could just go buy a rocking chair.

"Oh. That's a good idea." I said.

Or I could show up at Stacey's door...who was kind enough to offer one for us to borrow! (That's reason #69 on my "why I love blogs" list...Stacey was my BFF in JUNIOR high. I haven't talked to her in far too long...and then she shows up like the old friend she is, right here on the blog.)

Whew. A lot of explaining to say...

Thanks for taking time to help...I feel fairly certain that without this little blog chat I'd have headed to Ikea to purchase a not-so-cozy rocker without a clue! For now, I'm going to go with the feeling that I'm not really a rocking kind of gal and leave the living room in its original order. I'll let you know if I decide to add one later:)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Opinions Wanted...

Since our days at Seminary began, we've tried to keep major furniture purchases and even minor household item additions to a minimal level. We live a transitional life. Our 2.5 years in Louisville is likely to be the longest we'll stay at one address for many moons. We're planning to move back to Memphis 4 months after Jude's arrival and may make another move overseas within a year if all goes well.

Thus, with such a mindset, registering for baby items was quite difficult for me. What do I really need? Surely babies don't require all that much. In Africa, they run around naked a lot....and I've never seen a baby bouncer around a hut. I was a bit stressed. So I called Laurin and she walked me through the aisles at Target explaining to me the uses of a variety of baby items.

And thus, our registry was born. Certainly not everything is a necessity but I'm trying to stick to what would be practical for our time frame and limited space, borrow as much as possible, and find bargains on used stuff.

Here's my question for you.

Rocking chair: Worth rearranging a room or not?

We have this cozy chair and a half...but it's not so comfortable that I can imagine myself holding/feeding Jude in it for hours on end.

Craigs List has offered me so little in this area that I'm starting to get discouraged. I know, I know. Gliders are incredible. I agree that they really do feel great. Truthfully though, no offense to the many who have a glider rocker, I just don't like the way they look. I would definitely put one in a nursery but I'm not sold on having one in my living room and that's the only space available.

My latest in the green chair and footstool on Craigs List and buy a rocking chair replacement from Ikea.

Options I like....

Option 1:

Option 2:

Yes? No?

I've never rocked a lot of babies. I need some help here.