Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 Things on a Tuesday

1. My obsession with strawberries has only been elevated by Spring time. I bought a fresh carton last week for $1.60. 24 hours ago I started eating them. There are about 2 strawberries left now.

2. Right now I am working on two wedding projects...a handwritten invitation for a gal at my church and wedding programs for a college student I've mentored for the past 2 years in Louisville. 400 ribbons need to be woven through holes by Friday. Yikes. Anyone who wants to watch a movie with me tonight...is invited. As long as you can tie ribbon.

3. This weekend Bear and Amanda came to Louisville for a visit. This makes 3 weekends in a row with Memphis faces around...it's gearing me up for the move this summer!

4. David will be out of town at a wedding for Thunder Over Louisville in April. For those who don't know the wonder of Thunder, it's the largest annual pyrotechnic show in North America and it's amazing. Do you think that 45 minutes of intense fireworks could make me go into labor? David will be 6 hours away...but I think it's worth the risk.

5. I know she's not my child....but I get really excited about any happenings in the Boeving household. Savannah turned 3 this weekend and she was very cute. I bought a princess balloon for the occasion.

6. The trees in Louisville are starting to bud. It won't be long now til there's glory on every corner.

7. I have a 15 page research paper due in April. I'm struggling to pick a topic. These are my final 4 options:
1. The concept of humility in Puritan life and doctrine.
2. Hospitality in the life of a Christian.
3. Life in community – accountability within the local church.
4. Spiritual Disciplines in the life of Puritan, John Bunyan.

8. Sometimes I wish that my little sister still lived in the room beside me. This is one of those weeks. I miss her.

9. I want to write about last week's shower because it was so wonderful and completely thoughtful. Somehow that blog keeps eluding my time frame though.

10. It doesn't seem that this pace will slow for at least another week...so I warn in advance that blogs may be scarce.


Laurin said...

You are still Savannah's best friend.
Do your paper on hospitality.

Leslie said...

I agree with Laurin about your paper. You + hospitality = a good match.
Is Thunder on a Sat. night?

Lee said...

Hospitality. Good one. Lauren Winner has an excellent chapter on this topic. You can find it in her book Mudhouse Sabbath.

B Nettles said...

I disagree...Do # 3. community and accountability within the church (related to hospitality) Look at Heb 3:12-4:16. Talks about looking out for one another. Also Titus. Also Eph 6:18-24.

amanda and bear said...

Yay! We made the "10 things"! :) Love you, buddy! Had lots of fun with you last weekend!