Monday, March 8, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air...

This weekend hubs needed to head down to Huntsville for a night to talk a bit about his Peruvian adventures. I decided to hop in the car with him at least until Nashville...where dear old Rebekah met me for a 24 hours of much needed gal time. With both of our families in Memphis, it's rare for David and I to have much extra time when we're in the ole hometown. Thus, I usually just invite Brek to family dinners and such...figuring she's been in my life long enough to count:)

24 hours with ole Brek was pretty much as refreshing as all this sunshine and warm weather that's finally hitting Louisville! What a good weekend.

Don't be fooled...we weren't in the tropics...just strolling through the good ole Opryland Hotel. I was actually quite amazed by the foliage.

Our hotel had an indoor pool. I've heard that swimming makes you feel like you're not pregnant. Unfortunately, the seminary pool's been under construction since December so I haven't had any more water aerobics opportunities. I won't say that getting into a maternity bathing suit made me feel like my old self again...but I definitely enjoyed the water.

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Tammy said...

I miss you gals!