Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day by Day

I like areas of life that I can maintain with a twice a year check up or a once a year evaluation. Sometimes I forget that there are basic areas that God has designed me to maintain not on a monthly or weekly basis but day by day. If I sleep for a solid 9 hours on a weekend night, somehow I expect to be able to add those hours on to a Monday night when I get in late and wake up early the next day. This never works. After a short night’s sleep, Tuesday finds me with droopy eyes no matter how much I slept over the weekend. A year’s worth of healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean that if I skip meals or eat junk food, I won’t pay the consequences in my energy level.

Pregnancy seems to have highlighted this awareness of daily maintenance of my body. I wonder why I am tired. Sweet hubs points out that I went to bed too late last night…no doubt as a result of some distracted and seemingly necessary project. I protest…but I slept so much this weekend!

It matters not.

God made me for routine. The sun rises. The sun sets. This earthly life is lived within the time God proportioned for me. He made me to eat each day. He made me to drink each day. These obvious statements are constant reminders to me of my humanity…of my dependency.

I’ve been thinking this week about the parallel between this physical reality and the spiritual. Sunday morning worship isn’t enough to feed my soul. A retreat once a year won’t build the character of Christ in me. I need daily bread from the Word, daily drink from the life giving fountain, daily rest by placing myself consciously in the care of my Saviour. This delving into Puritan literature lately has reminded me that there are no short cuts to true spirituality. Godliness is built day by day.

Give us this day, our daily bread.

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Brandi said...

Thank you for this, Laura. I really needed to hear (read) this post. :)