Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Not a Rocker.

Girls! Thank you for all the comments! I found them really helpful actually in spite of the variety of opinions on rocking. In my heart, I must've thought that mothers must rock their babies. Reading that some do, and some don't was great news to me. It put the rocking chair into the preference category not the necessity category.

A side note that somehow the one male comment on the subject wasn't really helpful to me.

"Forget the rocking. It spoils the child and makes them soft. Give the baby a jar of food, a spoon, and put him straight to bed and avoid future problems."

Thanks for trying, Jeff.

This week I took a little time to evaluate what it is that I don't really like about our big green chair. The verdict: it slopes forward.

Why? You may ask? Well friends, our house is old. In order to get an antique window to look even on our credenza, I had to put a 2 inch board under one end. The floor slopes that much.

So last night I had sweet, patient hub put 2 inch blocks under the front feet of the green chair. Noticeable difference. No more I'm-sitting-on-a-hill feeling. David then explained to me that if, after Jude's arrival, we discover that I am a rocking kind of mom, we could just go buy a rocking chair.

"Oh. That's a good idea." I said.

Or I could show up at Stacey's door...who was kind enough to offer one for us to borrow! (That's reason #69 on my "why I love blogs" list...Stacey was my BFF in JUNIOR high. I haven't talked to her in far too long...and then she shows up like the old friend she is, right here on the blog.)

Whew. A lot of explaining to say...

Thanks for taking time to help...I feel fairly certain that without this little blog chat I'd have headed to Ikea to purchase a not-so-cozy rocker without a clue! For now, I'm going to go with the feeling that I'm not really a rocking kind of gal and leave the living room in its original order. I'll let you know if I decide to add one later:)


J.White Family said...

The "junior high" comment makes me feels way old!! Here is the bottom are going to be an EXCELLENT mom whether rocking or stationary. And the rocking chair offer stands if you decide Jude likes to move.

Jessica said...

It won't be a matter of whether or not YOU are a rocker ;) I didn't have a rocking chair until my baby was 4 weeks old and I went to walmart at 1 am to get one. Seriously.