Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Mailbox

Lately, unexpected gifts have been showing up in my mailbox. Monday I arrived home to find these delightful blocks that arrived from the craftiest of all crafters...Sara in Mississippi.

I immediately stacked them by Jude's bassinet so he would know where to sleep when he comes home. The enclosed note said they were her trial run at block making. My trial runs don't usually turn out like that!

Yesterday I came home from a hospital visit to find dear hubs slaving away in the kitchen. He made a delicious stir fry. Pregnancy has its perks:)

I opened the mail to find a gift card to Red Robin. No name. No return address. Just a note saying it was for Dawkins Date Night. Now that was sweet. You know, I can really enjoy a good burger these days. I'm going to call in a hand writing analyst to work on figuring out the mysterious sender though:)

I have quite the delightful mailbox these days.


Beth said...

Oh how fun! I love mysterious gifts too... but like you, I think it's so much more fun when I can thank the recipient! I still don't know who did this:

but I really wish I did!

Leslie said...

is this sara from narnia!?! man, she is SO gifted! those are the coolest jude blocks ever! :-)