Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My New Friend

A recent addition in the Recreation Center on campus is my new friend. I love air hockey. Even at 8.5 months pregnant, I admit that evenings often find me honing my air hockey skills with Laurin after a swim. Occasionally, on my lunch hour, hubs will challenge me to a game. I confess that I've yet to beat that husband of mine and he does take delight in that....Laurin on the other hand is a more equal rival:)


Final book of the semester: Holiness by J. C. Ryle

I admit that at this point, I'm reading just to complete the assignment and that the small print and large pages haven't been helping me accomplish my goal too much.

However, even amid my hurry, Ryle's language and perspective is captivating. This is a book I highly recommend. Here's a taste:

"Our lives will always be doing either good or harm to those who see them. They are a silent sermon which all can read. It is sad indeed when they are a sermon for the devil's cause, and not for God's. I believe that far more is done for Christ's kingdom by the holy living of believers than we are at all aware of. There is a reality about such living which makes men feel and obliges them to think. It carries a weight and influence with it which nothing else can give...There is a meaning about holiness which not even the most unlearned can help taking in. They may not understand justification, but they can understand charity."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am 30.

Hubs spent the morning helping some friends move but got up early enough to set the breakfast table for me. Apparently, he'd been confiscating packages throughout the week and he wrapped them up for me to open on Saturday morning.

The ole Memphis crew are faithful friends! Thanks, gals. My mom sent the most beautiful necklace, among other things...which I failed to photograph!

David and I were going to go to the craft fair on Saturday afternoon or to Locust Grove Plantation. But the wind and rain made a movie while sitting on our couch much more favorable. Reb sent Dan In Real Life as a gift so we watched that...we thought it was hilarious.

Saturday night we were scheduled for dinner with the Boevings. We arrived to find a few extra additions to the dinner party shouting surprise. It was a LoT of fun. Please note, I had TWO birthday was an incredible iced brownie with Reeses and the mom's Raspberry Mousse Pie which I always requested for my birthdays growing up. David snuck the recipe out of my little collection and Beth undertook the task. Delicious. I am ashamed (kind of) to write that by Sunday night, that whole half of a pie that we were sent home with...was gone.

The sweet little Boevings helped me open gifts and the lovely Leslie brought her guitar and a hymnal so that we could all participate in one of my favorite activities...a hymn sing:)

It really was one of the sweetest birthdays I can remember. In particular, David put together a book of notes from friends. Saturday morning I took some time to look through it. I was humbled by the grace God has poured out in my life and for the many, many friends He has used to shape me. His work in me over these years has been so faithful. I am grateful for this gift of life.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hand Crafted Gifts

For those of you who know our old MC friend, Thomas, he made a little gift for Jude.

I vaguely recall Thomas once telling me that he felt certain he could live anywhere in the entire long as there was a Coke vendor within a manageable distance. And knowing Thomas, even in Antarctica he could make a way...if only he could keep his Coke thawed long enough for an occasional swig.

He came to stay with us for two days a year or two ago and brought three 2 liters of Coke with him...just in case I didn't have any on hand. I don't think there was any left in the fridge when he left.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Approach of Thirty

Last year at this time, I was gearing up to run a half marathon....

I've changed a little over the past year, huh? Maybe by next year, I'll be back in my running shoes!

This Saturday I will celebrate my 30th birthday.

I remember watching the Jetsons as a child. I was convinced that by 2000 we'd be living in the sky with a maid like Rosie. Here I am in 2010, living with my feet firmly planted on the ground, scrubbing my own bathtub and still washing my clothes in a washing machine in the basement. (Though, I have to say, my friend Beth has an awesome robotic vaccuum cleaner that I find quite Jetsonian.)

It seems that people do crazy things on their 30th birthday. I remember asking a friend of mine in Africa what prompted her decision to quit her job as a nurse and move overseas to work with the UN. She said she woke up on her 30th birthday and decided it was time for a change. A year later, she was in Africa.

Last year, Lee permed her hair in response to the big 3-0. I found this to be a brave move. (It turned out well for her...but I'm not sure it would for me.)

As for me, it seems that this year of 30 will bring enough changes on its own so I'm not feeling particularly inclined to do something out of the ordinary to celebrate.

Truth be told, I used to think 30 sounded old. It doesn't really sound old to me now.

I guess that's a sure sign that I am old.

Friday, April 16, 2010

One Short Month

In honor of Jude's official "due date" which is now just one month away, I thought I'd give a little pregnancy update! (The picture is for my sis who wants to keep up with my growing belly:)

A few things you may (or may not) want to know:

1. I've gained around 28lbs in total.

2. The symptoms of the latter part of pregnancy have been much more manageable than those first 18 weeks of nauseau. No complaints here!

3. I went to water aerobics last night for the first time since month 3. I think that will officially be my last organized aerobics class for this pregnancy. The water belt kept flipping me over and I was a little disruptive to the class. My stomach is apparently quite bouyant.

4. I will stick to the lap side of the pool where Laurin has been kind enough to slow her pace to mine on several occasions. It's a much more manageable work out!

5. Hubs is headed to Memphis this weekend for Rob and Bethany's wedding! Ole doc grounded me and I will have to remain in Louisville until Jude arrives. I am so sorry to miss the celebration!

6. I had a doctor's appointment this week and asked him if I am unusually large. He measured my little stomach and said I'm right where I should be. What would I look like if I were measuring large?

7. I mentioned that I might go downtown for the amazing derby fireworks show this weekend, Thunder Over Louisville. David forbid it unless I got approval from the doctor. 45 minutes of intense fireworks might make me go into labor? Doc seemed amused by the question, and told me I could rest assured that fireworks could not induce labor.

8. Confession: I really wanted to ask for another ultrasound this week because I can hardly wait to catch another glimpse of Jude's sweet face. I restrained myself. I am just so excited about meeting him face to face:)

9. I was in a random conversation this week with a fellow in Louisville. I asked him what he did, and he told me he was "living the dream." That phrase always makes me laugh. What on earth does that mean? He said it seriously though.

In response, I looked down at my little baby belly, thought of my sweet husband and the ever faithful God who has, for now, given those gifts to me.

I looked right back at him to respond.

"Me too, brother."

This is better than my dreams. Maybe less idealistic, more earthy. Less bound by what I get, more satisfied in what I am able give. Less secure than I imagined, yet more steadied by the sovereignty of God. More dream like than I once thought becuase of that pressing reality that these are but shadows of the reality for which we wait.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I read a post today on Dr. Albert Mohler's blog about a doctor who lost his license because he mistakenly aborted a healthy baby rather than a baby with Down syndrome.

It made me cringe at the shockingly twisted morality of our society.

The absurd reality of the situation jolted me in a way that I hope begets more pro-active anti-abortion action within my own life.

I wanted to share it in hopes that it will do the same in yours.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Sunflower" Cake Instructions

For those who've been eyeing that cute little sunflower cake from my Easter post...I can't take credit:) The instructions can be found on the Taste of Home website. Click here.

It really is as simple as it sounds!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Return to Real Life

The stay-cation was WONDERFUL.

I slept...a LoT.

I put all Jude's little items in order.

I sat on our front porch, admired the tulips, read my book, and took in some vitamin D.

Today I returned to work and the gals in the office gave a lunch for Jude.

It was oh-so-cute and my favorite...African themed:)

Check out this amazing cake - made by a co-worker who has some serious cake skills!

A Monday like this is a great way to ease back into real life!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Laura's Stay-Cation

For two years I've looked at those lovely vacation hours on my pay slip and thought to myself, "Someday I'm just going to take a vacation day to stay at home."

Then my love for people and travel would overtake and I would think, "Now why would I take a day just to sit at home." So I always ended up using my vacation time for other purposes.

But this month, with a research paper looming over my head, a household that's being washed in Dreft:), and a body that can't quite seem to keep up with the pace these days, I decided to take two whole vacation days with no other purpose than to be at my house.

Starting tonight, for the next 4 days, I'm on stay-cation. And honestly, if I were on my way to the tropics, it's unlikely that I'd be much more excited:)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clean Overalls

About mid-March I had a little panic attack. I realized that Jude's arrival was a bit closer than I'd realized. May 16 is coming quickly and I'd rather not pack for the hospital and put the bassinet in order after my contractions begin. I made a list of 'to-dos' and have been faithfully checking them off ever since.

Check List Item for the Week: wash Jude's newborn wardrobe

I heard somewhere that you are supposed to wash baby clothes in special detergent. I walked the aisle at Wal-mart hoping a mom would appear on the aisle to give me advice.

No one came.

I spotted Dreft. It has a baby on the cover so I felt relieved.

I picked it up and gasped at the $15 price tag.

I bought it anyways and started my first load of baby clothes yesterday. Dreft smells just like a clean baby. I wanted to bury my head in the pile of clothes after I'd washed them.

The container said that I should wash his clothes in Dreft until he is 18 months old. Is that true?

If so, I should buy some stock.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Blooming Dogwoods

These are a few of my favorite things from this weekend...though somehow I couldn't get a good picture of delightful sunshine, a cool breeze and the beauty of spring flowers.

1. A little visit from Brad and Lisa with many good conversations....

2. Fun company for Easter lunch after singing ancient hymns like He Arose....

3. A dogwood tree that chose to bloom in our front yard just in time for the celebration of the resurrection...

4. Our traditional "sunflower" cake for dessert. (Does 2 years in a row make something a tradition?:)...

5. Little Boevings in matching Easter dresses...

It doesn't get much better than a weekend like that:)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


A couple of weeks ago in class, my professor spent an hour or so talking about the spiritual discipline of prayer. He mentioned the tearing of the temple curtain when Christ died on the cross...the opening of access for man to go to God without sacrifices or high priests. Christ intercedes for us. He is our access to the Father. Somehow the relation of the tearing of the curtain and our joyful discipline of going to Christ in prayer struck me afresh. Perhaps because the celebration of Christ's resurrection was so close at hand. Thus, as I've prepared for Easter, I've been considering Christ's sacrifice...and all that it opens up to those who put their faith in Him. I've been pondering a bit more the privilege of prayer....bought with the precious blood of Christ. It's made the season sweeter. It's also bringing a new dimension to my prayer life...a new awareness of the price paid for a privilege I quite often take for granted.

Spring is in the air. The earth seems to be waking from a winter's sleep with the glory of new life. Buds are blooming and flowers are poking through the dirt. The grass seem greener and the blue heavens a bit deeper. It is the vibrancy that could only follow the harshness of a winter.

Rejoicing from sacrifice. Life from death.

I am thankful for the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. By His wounds, I am healed.